I  did not watch the Superbowl last night because I do not care. 

Instead of tuning in for the big event and pigging out on yummy snacks, I opted for a far more relaxing octogenarian style evening.

First I had a nice shot of Tylenol Cold for Nighttime followed by a diet ginger ale with ice and a bendy straw instead of the traditional Superbowl Sunday Bud Light in a can.  

Rather than indulging in nachos and bacon wrapped cocktail weeines, I had a Hoodsie cup. Can you believe they don’t come with wooden spoons anymore? It’s an outrage!

And instead of watching the Patriots get their asses handed to them, I watched Antiques Roadshow.  A woman scored a touchdown when she found out that an old tiger maple desk she had in her attic was worth $34,000.  And you people missed it.

That is what excites me.   Ginger ale and Antiques Roadshow.

It’s true.