What a busy weekend we had.

Crissy actually had a life!

On Friday we had a birthday party for my husband. He’s 34 now and that changes his official title from “husband” to “old husband.”


Until I turn 34 in June and then we just drop the whole “old” bit.

My daughter, myself.


We both stuffed as much chocolate cake as we could into our mouths because it was so yummy. After that we both got drunk and actually wound up stripping off all our clothes and rolling around in it under the table.

Not really.

Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!


Later that night I was the victim of a brutal attack when Bren didn’t want his picture taken.

On Saturday the sun finally came out and we all went outside to nurse our hangovers do some work in the yard.

Alice had a good fur day and she was feeling fine with her new scarf on.


And Girlfriend is so accustomed to wearing a hat and mittens when she goes outside that she insisted on wearing them even though it was 70 degrees out.


Here she is in her sandbox making “marshmallow soup with pine needles, brick, and muds.” Mmmmmmm…sounds de-lish Girlfriend!

And then I got all Martha Stewart-y and dug a new flower bed where I planted zinnias, cosmos, sugar snap peas, hyacinth, sunflowers, and some purple flower I forgot the name of.

But then my grandfather said it’s way to early to plant my flower seeds and they will probably not come up.


And then I pounded bricks into the ground to make a border.

Look at me acting all butch, banging stuff with that orange hammer thingy.

But the entire time all I could think about was how I could glam it up because garden clothes are just icky. cloud.jpg

Girlfriend finally ditched the hat which is good because it’s one less piece of clothing I’m going to have to throw away.


I don’t think any kid has ever been dirtier, like, ever.

While pushing her little wheelbarrow she could be heard singing “hel-ping, hel-ping, hel-ping!” _MG_2940_resize.JPG

Awwww. Best friends.


And then two seconds later Girlfriend smashed poor Alice in the head with a plastic shovel and had to go inside to the naughty step.

And on Sunday I woke up singing the theme song from Green Acres, so I decided to glam it up a bit like only I can. I poured myself a little mar-tooni and went back to work on my bulb project. lush-garden.gif

Darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue!

What did you do this weekend?