Eva wagge ub an yre still drung a lil bit? Thas me aday. I needed a hav bregfas an a bodle a ibuprophenenen an I feld much bedda…sweardagod.

We had a surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law last night. She’s 30 now. That makes her old. I would have told you about it, but it was a surprise (duh).

Here are pictures to make you sad that you weren’t invited.

-OR- they could make you really happy, like, depending on if your were there and stuff.

Work it baby! Work it! Own it! Didn’t I look hot last night?


Here’s Cya pretending she’s surprised even though




told her about the party. It’s cool Greg. We forgive you.

Cya farts sometimes.


Especially when she’s sitting on the whoopie cushion she got for her birthday.

This is Paul. He does not like Cya’s farting. He wants her ass to be quiet. (click on the picture and he’ll do a trick!)


He looks really, really scary, but he’s quite nice actually. As is his adorable gf, Jess.


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