I bought some fabulous new party shoes the other day. I can’t afford them, but I had to have them anyway.

Visa can suck it.

Upon my arrival home, girlfriend noticed immediately that mommy had brought home a little prezzy for herself.

“What you got in the bag mommy?”

“Some new shoes.”

Her face lit up and she ripped the bag from my hand and dumped it out on the floor.

“Let me try them out!”

Frantically, she pulls off her little navy blue All Stars, puts on my new party shoes, and begins to clomp around the living room.

“I like these shoes. They’re tee-rific!”

My husband and I both dove for our cameras and started clicking away paparazzi style. Not only is she cute as all get out in my shoes, but she’s wearing sunglasses and no pants.

IMG_0277_resize.JPG IMG_0282_resize.JPG

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that Britney Spears made this look famous months ago.