And here they are: answers to your most burning life questions from our very own Homeslice!

No video though because Homeslice has the shyness and that’s ok because she’s only a fiver. Girlfriend has stage experience now since she’s been in theater class for two years, so she’s just waiting for an agent to call her at this point. Any […] Continue Reading…

Remember how we wanted to bring back “Ask Girlfriend?”  She’s baaack with all the answers to your most burning questions.  She’s also dressed as Wonder Woman.

You are welcome.

askgf 10/22/14 from ken and crissy gilbert on Vimeo.


Except I’m considering getting paid to do it for art students.

Monica the Ninjarapist thinks it could be very good for me in terms of making a mind/body connection, so we got the go-ahead there from the head lady.

I figure I look decent naked and although they take any shape/size/or age and nobody is there to judge, I think I’d […] Continue Reading…

My house smells like pee.

We live in Urine Central:all of the time.

No matter how fastidious I am about cleaning and washing things on the regs, It still smells really similar to a nursing home kind of thing where they try to cover up the odor of decay and incontinence with Lysol or Pine-Sol or some shit like that.  In […] Continue Reading…