As you guys probably know, your Crissy is obsessed with naming things.  I love, love, love it.  But making a final decision is where I fall flat on my face.  If it were up to me, Homeslice would be named LucyCarolineFionaLydia.

Alas, Mister put his foot down.

I have a plant named “Ladypants” and a sweater I call “Sunday Girl.”  So, naturally when Ehpa adopted a doggie, I had to get involved because that’s what I do.  I get involved.

You guys remember when Crissy got  Vivian and I couldn’t decide what to name her and soI had to ask the Queefies about it?

Well, you guys get to help Crissy name Ehpa’s new baby boy.  Ehpa gets to have final say, of course  (I suppose) since its her dog or whatever.

Isn’t he marvelous??

He’s HUGE–kind of like a horse or The Imperial Walker.

He’s very sweet and calm and gentle and of course everyone is madly in love with him.

So, name this poor dude because his track name, Cal, isn’t totally working for Crissy.

Ehpa has narrowed it down to these names for you to vote on.

Ehpa's new greyhound should be named:

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PS: Other suggestions are also welcome in the space provided below.

PSS:  I’m dead against naming him Milo, but that’s up the Ehpa and the Queefies to decide.  *SIGH*

Have a splendid day, Queefies!!

There’s another post coming soon!

Did I tell you guys that Girlfriend, aka Madame Royale, goes to acting class? She loves it because she gets to be a diva and people don’t send her to the naughty step for it. They actually encourage her diva-ness there!

Here is a video of her performing a song she wrote. The lady with the camera is her acting teacher and I don’t know who the dude with the guitar is, but he’s kinda cute.

PS: I didn’t say “motherfucker” at the meeting! I didn’t even say “crap” or “hell” so there were no fire trucks at all coming out of my mouth! But then again, I purposely didn’t talk very much just in case there was one waiting there, but still. It didn’t happen so, Hi-Five! Great success! I was not Fancy Lady Meeting Asshole.