Ask Girlfriend

Remember how we wanted to bring back “Ask Girlfriend?”  She’s baaack with all the answers to your most burning questions.  She’s also dressed as Wonder Woman.

You are welcome.

askgf 10/22/14 from ken and crissy gilbert on Vimeo.

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  1. Pfft. Homework is for losers. Fight the indoctrination of public schools Girlfriend! Just learn how to balance a checkbook and you’ll be fine.

    Also Anja thanks you for the input to her genetic anomalies.

    1. Girlfriend totally agrees that homework is for losers, but I have to work for food and heat so it’s free childcare. You gotta do what they tell you.

      Now I have Rage Against the Machine stuck in my head. The college band version, too. oof.

  2. I love Homeslice photobombing (videobombing?) Still can’t believe how big they are getting! Great definition of love GF! I need GF to put my life in order. She could get the job done. Also Crissy you should totally do the nude modeling. Just make sure there are no candles around to catch your hair on fire.

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