Ehpa Gets A Dog

As you guys probably know, your Crissy is obsessed with naming things.  I love, love, love it.  But making a final decision is where I fall flat on my face.  If it were up to me, Homeslice would be named LucyCarolineFionaLydia.

Alas, Mister put his foot down.

I have a plant named “Ladypants” and a sweater I call “Sunday Girl.”  So, naturally when Ehpa adopted a doggie, I had to get involved because that’s what I do.  I get involved.

You guys remember when Crissy got  Vivian and I couldn’t decide what to name her and soI had to ask the Queefies about it?

Well, you guys get to help Crissy name Ehpa’s new baby boy.  Ehpa gets to have final say, of course  (I suppose) since its her dog or whatever.

Isn’t he marvelous??

He’s HUGE–kind of like a horse or The Imperial Walker.

He’s very sweet and calm and gentle and of course everyone is madly in love with him.

So, name this poor dude because his track name, Cal, isn’t totally working for Crissy.

Ehpa has narrowed it down to these names for you to vote on.

Ehpa's new greyhound should be named:

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PS: Other suggestions are also welcome in the space provided below.

PSS:  I’m dead against naming him Milo, but that’s up the Ehpa and the Queefies to decide.  *SIGH*

Have a splendid day, Queefies!!

There’s another post coming soon!

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  1. I don’t like Strider only because it reminds me of Lord of the Rings and seems lame because of that. Lol so I went for Duncan. It’s lovey and sweet.

  2. I’ll tell you my favorite after you all vote. Eric and I disagree, so thanks for helping Internet. Crissy has been so helpful and came up with the best names, btw.

  3. my first dog was milo. he was the best- very calm and strong. my new dog is Loki, which just may be the best dog name of all time.

  4. I like “Bullet” or “Blitz” (apparently I like names that start with “B”). I’m going to call him “McRibs” though, regardless of what you officially name him. Because I like his ribs….and he’s Irish.

  5. LOL @ HippieMom! My grandmother had an attack dog named “Blitz” once. He was a German Shepard and his full name was Blitzkreig. Which, as family legend has it, means “fast attack” in German. My family wonders why the neighbors thought they were Nazis…

  6. Blitzkreig Bop by the Ramones is my son’s favorite song of all time. McRibs already has his tattooed numbers from Auschwitz. Sounds like destiny to me………

  7. Or “Blitzen”… the reindeer. Which reminds me, you can’t rule out “Santa’s Little Helper” as a great name for a greyhound.

  8. Cletus. That look on his face screams “Cletus.” I don’t know why.

    Depending on how old he is, he may already be used to the “Cal” sound – so maybe along those lines, like Calvin? We adopted a dog from the Humane Society that they chose to name “Fergus.” He’s a black lab mix and his mom was a border collie mix. He was only 6 weeks old when we brought him home, so changing his name to something more fitting was easy. Another of our rescue dogs was named “Victori” (Tori for short) when we got her at about age 2. We assumed she already knew her name and kept it. We were wrong and should have changed it. So that’s why I say just gotta see if he already is used to “Cal.”

  9. and I think LucyCarolineFionaLydia is a perfectly acceptable name. Of course, my daughter has two first names AND a middle name because I’m an asshole, so there’s that.

  10. My suggestion is that you name him after a character in a favorite book or movie or something else significant to the owner(s).

    This dog came to the family during the olympics-what about naming him after an athlete? Lochte? Phelps? Maybe those names dont really work but those are the only abs-*ahem*I mean athletes-I know.

  11. We had a split vote between Strider and Talus in our family. He is used to Cal, so we went with TALUS thinking, Cal and Tal are similar. I LOVED Duncan but the rest of the family is not feeling it 🙁 Thanks Chrissy’s friends for helping, even though I didn’t choose the most popular.

    @HippieMom-we enjoyed all of your suggestions.

    @Sara- I hope by geeky and derpy, you really mean AWESOME, haha.

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