OMG you guys! Soooo many changes!

I’m not dead yet!  I swear you guys!

I’ve been very busy doing some very BIG things!

I don’t work at the library anymore.  I quit.

I quit because I GOT A FANCY LADY JOB!!!!!

Yes!  I did!

It’s my second week as a real, full time fancy copywriter and social media maven at a web development, PR, advertising and marketing company.  I work for my friend Gina who is so much fancier than your friend Gina I can’t even tell you.

Can you believe this shit?  It’s dreams coming true here, people.  DREAMS COMING TRUE.

And we had to hire a babysitter for Homeslice and guess what?


I have a maidlaundressnanny.

I just need a whore and all my dreams will have come true. All of them.

This  sure beats the Great Brain Tumor Crisis of Early 2011, I can tell you that much.

So yes.  I am a real writer with a real job and stuff now.  I kind of miss the library, but it’s more the people than the job.  That job was boring as hell.  Now I’m really busy all day and I get to wear cute clothes instead of the dingy corduroy pants I bought at Saver’s that I wore to the library. The people at my new job are super nice and everyone is so helpful and its totally okay to say “motherfucker” so obviously I fit right in.

Basically, I’m on cloud nine these days and I have to go now because I need some more fancy lady clothes and I have to buy them online because I’m sooooo busy being Queen.

I love you, Queefies!

OMG and PS:  I’m up on the Toy With Me’s talking about my vibrators again:

Je Joue Gi-Ki. Gumby For Your G-spot!

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  1. Glad things are going well for you! And really, if the housework gets done and the kiddos are alive when you get home from being a fancy lady the whole “whore” part is icing on the cake…

    Who knows, maybe you’ll eventually make a contact who will know a whore and then you’ll be set! Until then…enjoy the Fancy Lady Life!

  2. Now that I have a fancy lady job too, my blog sucks. I wish you the best ever! I’m so excited for you! And you need new red shoes.

  3. so happy for you and so jealous. working for a web development/advertising/social media company is my dream job, too. i was going to ask the same question: did you let them know about your blog, toy with me, and your online alias? i guess revealing it depends on the type of company. i need out of corporate communications so bad!!!!

    you’ll kill it in the fancy lady role!

  4. Hooray Crissy!!! No doubt you are really the Queen now…Fancy Lady job, cute clothes, domestic employee.
    You deserve it all, and more.

  5. Well the thing is that you’re no longer the LILTF….replace the word Mom with the word Librarian…..cause every time I took my husband to this site and showed him a photo of you he’d always say “Why don’t the librarians around here look like THAT!”

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