Black Swan? Really?

So I went to see Black Swan with The Rabbi last night.  It was okay.  I like the ballerina stuff and the costumes and makeup were gorgeous, and I’ve always secretly wanted a pair of toe shoes of my very own, so seeing those made me very happy, but the ending?


The Rabbi and I both burst out laughing at the last line because the ending was just so piss poor.  It was so stupid we couldn’t help ourselves.

I know we were supposed to be moved? Or something?

Now, granted, I had just consumed an El Presidente Margarita at Chili’s and she had a DIY Bourbon and chocolate ice cream milk shake (DIY means you order a plain drink and pour booze from your flask into it under the table, fyi) (I must get a flask) and so maybe we were feeling a little silly.

Or maybe the movie was a little cheesy and we didn’t understand what all the hype was about.

I like to think we are budding movie critics and I can see us like a drunken Siskel & Ebert sitting up there in the balcony passing judgment and flasks of bourbon.

That will be us.

PS: I drove her manual transmission car home because she made me do it and it was EASY, leading me to believe that Mister’s car is a dickhead.

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  1. She must have a loose shaft? That’s why her stick is easier to shift?

    And movies that are up for every golden globe trophy imaginable? I make an effort to not read about, or see. I like crappy movies, I guess.

  2. Rebecca- The Rabbi’s shaft, does feel much looser than Pimp’s.

    Rabbi- Hahahahahaha. You have a loose shaft.

    Pimp- I still think your car is a dickhead, no matter how turned on Melissa gets by the mere description of it.

  3. Karen, that part was very cool. I have to admit I really liked her growing feathers and flapping wings. Thanks for the link!

    Patty, do you DIY bourbon at restaurants too?

  4. Finally, someone with some sense posting about Black Swan. I thought the ending (and a majority of the whole swan “transformation”) was incredibly over the top and lame. But maybe it’s just because I’m not artsy. Natalie Portman did look absolutely gorgeous in the film but the plot just didn’t do it for me.

  5. Thank God I’m not the only one who thought Black Swan was lame. Go see True Grit. It shits on Black Swan and its dumbass ending.

  6. I think my feelings of it were much the same. I think I just want to watch it again for the lezzie scene. It turned me on. Also, to watch the wings come again.

    Come again.

    Ha. I crack myself up.

    Also, I’m very tired.

    But yeah! You went on a non-kid date!

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