Do you guys know what happens when you have ten brain tumors?

People give you stuff!

It’s true!

Since I found out about my not not tumors, I have been showered with gifts (okay, only three, but three is still more than zero which is what I was getting before)!

Mister bought me an MP3 player which I have yet to figure out. As soon as I conquer driving his mean machine of a car, I’m totally going to figure that sucker out and then I’ll be cool like everybody else from 2005. It’s a really basic and cheap one called “Sansaclip.” Is that the stupidest name ever or what? It’s not sexy like an iPod or anything and it’s clear it’s not even trying to be. Seriously. They could have called it…”the cheapest MP3 player ever” and it would have been better. “Sansaclip.”

Bloody hell.

It’s almost as stupid as naming your blog “Crissy’s Page.”

Seriously though, I think I could have come up with a better name for it than “Sansaclip.” I would make a brilliant marketer because I know when somebody is giving something a totally fucked up name. Like, what about this dust rag I saw at Marshall’s the other day:


Your Monday eyes are not fooling you, Queefies. Someone has named a dust rag “FANNY.”

Maybe I’m not like most people, actually, we know I’m not, but I don’t like the idea of dusting my dining room table with a Fanny.

Marketing people, CALL ME!

And then my friend, The Other Kristin who is watching Homeslice at this very moment (holla!), brought me a bottle of wine with this card she made on it:



“so i totally stopped by walgreens and the bastards did not carry congrats on your 10 non cancerous tumors cards. i know… the nerve right? so i made one for you, but i suck at writing poetry, so this is it. this is all you get. no cute little limerick or rhyme or whatever, just a picture of what i think the inside of your head might look like.

oh and mike thinks you should name them. he is willing to help you out if you don’t know what to name them. he was thinking dopey, happy, sneezy, bashful, grumpy, sleepy, and doc. or that maybe you can name them after jon and kate’s kids.”

She said she wished I had been there to see the look on the guy’s face when she asked him to attach that card to the wrapped wine bottle. She said she was all “what? She’s not gonna die!”

And then The Melissa Lion knitted me this awesome kitty hat because I had found one on Etsy and I wanted it but it was too expensive, so she made me one!!!



Isn’t it a miracle???

How people like, knit things, is beyond me, but here it is, on my head and I can’t wait to wear it to work. I wear a hat and scarf all day at work because I get cold. I also drink hot water because there’s only so much tea you can drink and I can’t fathom putting anything cold in my body.

Does anybody else do that? Drink hot water or is that just a brain tumor thing?

Mister now has a request for Melissa. He would like her to knit him this hat:

Anyway, if you don’t have any brain tumors, I highly recommend getting some because people just start giving you stuff.

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  1. I like the kitty hat. I have a Sansa and I love it. To put your music on plug it into your computer and go to your music and rt click and send it to your Sansa. To learn how to use it, type Sansaclip on youtube and watch videos on how to use it. That is what I did with mine. I like how you can dial it to increase the sound.
    .-= Connie’s last blog post… Darth Maul drawing =-.

  2. I was going to congratulate you on your 10 tumors, but my politically correct fingers will not let me type the words. Instead, as a compulsive knitter, I will comment on your awesome Kitty Hat, and the Even More Awesome F-ing Deer hat! Fabulous. And you know if your hubby gets that hat, you will steal it from him (though maybe not to wear to work. But, maybe.).

  3. i actually had a christmas gift fail and bought a car radio adapter for a sansa instead of for my husband’s ipod.

    if you can use it, it’s yours, as it is now just gathering dust under our bed…

  4. What an awesome card and hat! I had one of the sansaclip MP3 players. They aren’t bad but I have never had an ipod either. Oh and just to put my two cents in on everything you talked about because I am a know it all like that….I worked in restaurants and a lot of people drink hot water. I am in the south so I know it would have to be more common there.

  5. What great friends! I love the card and red hat. On a side note, during my first year of marriage my mister had that special ski hat, only it featured bunnies. It was wool. I washed it a warm cycle. Of course it became minature and DH cried. He is still not over it. If someone out their can knit some bunnies getting busy, I’d be much obliged.

    True Story.

    Take care darlin’

  6. Gifts are wonderful. I can send you a corkscrew that a co-worker gave out after his Hawaiian honeymoon … I especially like the hat. You have the whole ‘cat’ thing going on in the first picture.
    Good luck with the names!!

  7. what a great card! after hearing how the wine store guy reacted, now i kind of wish Other Kristen had dictated it to someone at a flower shop to put on one of those cards that come with bouquets.

  8. The majority of brain tumors have abnormalities of genes involved in cell cycle control, causing uncontrolled cell growth. These abnormalities are caused by alterations directly in the genes, or by chromosome rearrangements which change the function of a gene

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