Precut cheese has made my life easier

Have you guys bought the Cracker Barrel cracker cuts cheese yet?  Do you know how much easier my life has become since I stopped being such a hippy and started buying some “convenience products?” It is so much easier, you guys.

Both Girlfriend and Homeslice live on cheese and crackers and quite frankly, my stress level needs to go down so instead of trying to cheap out and buy the other kind of cheese, you know, the kind you have to stand there cutting yourself like an asshole, I started letting them do it for me and I don’t mind paying them either. Basically, I’m saving someone’s job by letting them cut the cheese for me.

That’s right, I said “cut the cheese.”

My life is easier now, plus I’m basically a hero and am keeping the people over at Cracker Barrel in their jobs and NOT contributing to unemployment statistics.

You can all line up to kiss my ring now.

You’re welcome, Cracker Barrel people. Also Stop & Shop people because I buy my fruit salad pre-made now too.

Also, Lexapro helps.

I used to care about buying convenience products, but now I take a pill for that.

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  1. I love store bought fruit salad…but only if I’m the first one eating it. Otherwise you’re just left with a big pile of honeydew. And I don’t eat foods with the word “ew” in them.

  2. Ohhh yeah. I love precut cheese! I also like brick cheese because I’ve been known to just grab the brick and eat it. That’s why I still can’t get rid of the baby weight…I’m sure.
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Found A New Blog =-.

  3. lol to foods with “ew” in them. I’m a slave to “pre” anything. I love that show on the food network, sandras semi homemade or whatever it is. Genius.

  4. Nothing wrong with a little pre-sliced cheese. You have to choose your battles, and if slicing cheese is not your battle, then give in. This is exactly why I don’t make my own lasagna anymore. Why bother when I can just pop it in the oven and call it done?

  5. You should have your favourite deli guy slice the cheese for you- I’m sure that would be a win-win. “Whatziz name, Vinny? Rocco? Geeze, I hope you never quiz us on this stuff…

  6. They wouldn’t sell it, if people didn’t need it. I mean that logic explains the snuggie and chia pets. Right?

    Also, I love the deli pre-made bruschetta. Nothing says easy dinner like that on some garlic toast!

  7. Everything I do for eating is convenient.
    I’ve been home alone for the last week and a bit – and I think I’ve eaten my bodyweight in two minute noodles. It’s convenient! You get them in a polystyrene cup, so all you do is peel the lid back and pour in the water, and then all you have to wash up is a fork! BRILLIANT.

  8. look at you, all posting again and shit!

    even though i see you all the time i’ve missed you…

    here’s to 2011 being a lot better than 2010. prime number years are ALWAYS better! i read that on the internet.

  9. I, too, love Sandra Lee and her semi-homemade stuff. I feel a lot less guilt and a lot more like a genius when I throw together frozen veggies, pre-cut tofu, and maybe slice one or two fresh veggies and make a stir fry. SOOO much easier than cutting up the tofu or chicken breasts and ALL the veggies. Frozen tastes fine and if you put one fresh item in (onion, mushrooms, easy things like that), it makes it all taste fresh. Folks rag on Sandra Lee, but I think she is a genius for showing us that we can have it all – homemade tasting food that isn’t 100% preprocessed crap AND have a life 🙂

    And yay to posting again! I hope this means you’re on the mend.

  10. This is my latest favorite: Large can of healthy soup (low salt,etc)+bag of frozen veggies+couple cups of H2O+boullion cube. All in a pot to low boil and you’ve got dinner.

    I used to believe it was mandatory to make everything as healthy as possible. Then the stress started to eat me from the inside out – and not in a good way.
    Now I am all about making it healthy ENOUGH.

  11. yay- you’re back! I hope it’s because you’re feeling LOTS better. I’ve missed you. (I may or may not have semi-stalked the QOFE blog waiting for your return).
    I think if it makes life easier; go for it! Besides, it’s just sliced and that’s not bad. It could be a lot, lot worse. Your sanity and the happiness of Girlfriend and Homeslice (and Mister) is far more important than who slices your cheese.
    .-= chicken lips’s last blog post… my darling =-.

  12. I don’t buy it because I feel guilty about eating it all in one sitting. If I have to cut it myself, i become much more aware of my gluttony. That doesn’t ever really stop me, but whatever. I love ya.
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Accomplishment =-.

  13. Precut cheese is the tops, after all who wants to cut the cheese to eat? I haven’t tried Cracker Barrel’s cheese yet but sounds fantastic.

    – Robert

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