1. crissy,

    miss you, love you, sending all my best happy thoughts in your direction :).
    p.s. you’re rather likely sick of being told your readers worry when we don’t hear from you in awhile, but you just keep in mind that our hearts are in the right place when we say it. you’re our Queen, its in our job description to love you, and worry abt you, and to feel utter despair when we see your beautiful face looking so sad, your shoulders slumped. we all wanna be your knights in shining armour and battle The Crazy for you – if only it were so simple :'(…
    p.p.s. merry be-lated xmas! here’s to a GREAT 2011

    <3, kari

  2. crissy, I want you to know that you have been on my mind. I hope you are allright and just taking some time off to take care of yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you again, hope you had a good Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2011

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