Feeling every bit of Monday

So today is an epic suckfest, you guys. I wouldn’t ordinarily tell you about it but someone on facebook requested a blog post about my Monday, and so here it goes.

Homeslice is acting kind of tired and quiet and of course her lymph nodes are popped back out again and so of course I’m insane over that. She didn’t even cry when I left her with The Other Kristin (a friend who babysits her on Mondays so I can go to work early, heretofore unbeknownst to you, but now beknownst) this morning. That’s unusual, you guys. Usually she cries “mama! maaaammmaaa!” just for that extra layer of mommy guilt as I’m leaving.

She’s got a nervous mother and will probably wind up in a doctor’s office soon. I wouldn’t worry too much, but you know.

It’s kind of my thing.

So there’s that, and I finally broke down and went to the doctor for a cough I’ve had for two weeks–lung chewies and everything.  Turns out it’s The Bronchitis again, and I had to do a breathing treatment and that was really fun. At least this time, Homeslice was at Kristin’s house and I didn’t have to do the breathing treatment smoke machine thing while bouncing her on my hip and keeping her out of the cabinets. That would have been a layer of awesome I don’t think I’m ready for.

And now I’m on antibiotics, so that’s that.

Oh, and on my way in between leaving Homeslice and the Urgent Care, my cell phone went down, so I had to drive to work to tell them I’d be late instead of just calling. That was a pain in the ass. I grabbed the first person I saw and told them I would be in later. Luckily, she was an administratorial type so I guess that was like a total SCORE!

Then later today, I’ll go to the wookie doctor to talk about my lady business problems and have a very special, extra thorough lady exam to make sure that “shadow” the good doctor saw on one of my ultrasound pictures really is just a shadow. He’s probably going to reach all the way up to my throat. I wouldn’t be surprised if I somehow wind up married to my wookie doctor by the end of the day.

I’m still a little freaked out about my lady business. My mother always had lady problems and she suffered a lot and went through some scary stuff throughout my childhood. I just hope I don’t have her genetics. I hope I got my dad’s uterus instead of my mom’s.

Fingers crossed.

And all of this on a work day and I have to make up the time I missed at work while I was playing around at the doctor’s office(s). That’s what I’m doing now. I’m getting in a couple of hours at work in between doctor appointments.

I’m just looking forward to surviving the day at this point.

So that, my friends, is my Monday.


What kind of suckfest you got goin’ on? Or, are you a lucky asshole who is having a pretty decent day?

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  1. I’m about to overshare here because I’m not ready to talk about this on my own blog yet, but I HAVE to talk about it. And, well, you asked. My Monday? Craptastic. The weekend was the suckfest to end all suckfests. Fights with the boyfriend AND the sperm donor ex-husband. Someone backed into my car Sunday morning. Sunday night my boyfriend of 2 years made the unexpected announcement that he’s not sure he still wants to be in a relationship with me. Now I’m at work trying to hold it together and not succeeding very well. That’s my Monday.
    .-= Stacey’s last blog post… Let it snow! =-.

  2. My suckfest- graduate thesis proposal is due in 7 days. E-mailed my advisor 6 days ago with a question I need answered before I can even start- haven’t heard back from him. Apparently he is on vacation. That means I will have a whole 3 days to write my thesis proposal. Great.
    Plus I’m rockin’ your superpower for the third week so I feel like ass. Yay Monday.

  3. I’ve only been bitten by a dog once today, the days not over, and I didn’t even bleed so that was good but it looks like the data on the crashed hard drive is not so retrievable as initially thought and I hid my backup drive so well that I cannot find it and now I’m totally fucked because ALL my recipes for my business (www.mapleleafsweets.com) are gone. Every single original recipe, not to be found in any book somewhere ever, is gone.

  4. Hugs to Stacey and Tess! It’s all going to work out with the bf, Stacey and if it doesn’t you don’t need him. Tess, start writing it anyway. It’s probably all in your head already anyway and if will make you feel better if you just get something down on paper. Just something and you can tweak it later.
    .-= Crissy’s last blog post… Feeling every bit of Monday =-.

  5. Maybe you should make this a Melissa Lion blog. You’ve got coughing and a baby with a lump and ultra sound and some admirable greyhound adoption going on, but dang, MH has a “troll”, and the world need pause.

    Sorry, your Queef and Pimp, I didn’t sign on for some lame ass to ride you coat tails with her boring at best co-opting of your site.

    That’s the problem with these websites, the mediocre Melissa Lion ( rumor is hers is borrowed last name) types latch on and suck the life right out of what was originally yours.

    Hey………Q and Pimp, do what ya got to do,but I’m out and like you gave a rat’s ass anyway.

  6. agnes, if ML is, as you claim, a “lame ass’ for coming here and “co-opting” my wife’s blog, what on earth does that make you?

    put another way, the only thing worse than someone who complains is someone who complains about complainers.

    it’s called irony.

  7. Hi just checking in. Won’t stay long. Promise. Quick question…..in hindsight, do you regret not attending BlogHer 2010? Rollin’ in with your award, free soapsud gifts and all?

    ‘Cause In my town, there’s this blogger who took it in a couple years back and put it and the mommies down, BIG TIME when she got back. Like she couldn’t trash it enough. Now she uses it as a big prize on her resume and milks it.

    So, do you kick yourself in the fanny for not going, or maybe will you go the next time you get a nice prize? Regardless?

    Take care of your noodle.

    So just wondering if you still feel good about your choice not to attend (I mean, I’m thinking your loyal qweefs could have held a car wash or something to help you with plane fare. Or you could have hitch hiked, whatevs to get there).

  8. agnes:

    perhaps people would take you more seriously if you actually had a name and you didn’t obfuscate your meanings with anonymous pronouns.

    just a suggestion.

    ps. my wife thinks about blogher as much as i think about stuffing my dick into a meat grinder. which is to say about four times total.

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