And her name shall be…


We call her “Vivi” for short just like in Ya Ya Sisterhood.

Now, I know you all voted for Fiona, and we started calling her that, but it shortened to “Fifi” and she’s totally not a “Fifi.”  We decided to go with Vivian instead because it means “alive” or “lively” and that is what she is becoming–a very lively and mischievous girl!

She has mastered the stairs and is very interested in the cat box crunchies in the basement. I’ve caught her nosing around in there a few times.  When I scold her, she slinks away like, “I wasn’t doing anything.  My nose accidentally fell into the kitty box. I swear!”

I’ve had to rescue Girlfriend’s Care Bears from her several times.  She’s particularly fond of trying to relieve Grumpy Bear of his stuffing and I can’t say I blame her.  Grumpy bear is kind of a dick.

My mother-in-law bought her a gift of a Costco sized box of dog cookies. She steals from the box whenever I open the pantry door, but I pretend not to notice because she needs to fatten up. Sadly, Alice is a little too, ahem, fluffy and does not need to fatten up, but she’s right behind the tall girl, stealing cookies. And they run over to the rug in the play room with their treats–thinking they got away with something, and then they make a crumbly cookie mess.

This makes me incredibly happy to see them doing a caper together, and I don’t mind cleaning it up. After all, I have a really nice vacuum cleaner.

But oh my God, you guys, she pees on the orange porn carpet!

I KNOW!!!!

Very, very, naughty Vivian.  The only one allowed to pee on the porn carpet is me and that’s only on Very Special Evenings with Mister. (Not really.  Nobody is allowed to pee on the porn carpet because it’s too nice.)

She has started trying to play with Alice, but due to the size disparity, there have been bumps in the road.

They kind of remind me of Uma Thurman and Jennine Garofalo in The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

Unlike the movie characters though, they’re only sort of friends.  Alice can be a little snotty toward poor Vivian. The way Vivian plays scares the bejeezus out of Alice, and she gets really low and still and looks around like “whoa. What the hell was that?” and when Vivian does her Super! Excited! Greyhound! laps around the yard, Alice takes that opportunity to hide under the deck. I keep telling Alice that doing a few laps with her sister won’t kill her and it might even take some of that extra, ahem, fluff out of her fur, but she’s not much of runner, you guys. She’s more of a sleeper or a stand around-er.  Hence the fluff problem.

But we’re not judging, Queefies.

Hopefully, they’ll figure out how to be playmates. It’s only been a little under two weeks.

Oh, and she walks pretty well on a leash and stays so close to me that she bumps into me sometimes.

And she plays with toys now!

And I caught her sitting in a chair looking out the window with Alice!

She’s…becoming a dog!

But she hasn’t barked yet.

It’s so much fun to watch her grow into her new life. Family and friends have been bringing her gifts and coming to visit her like a new baby.  In fact, I don’t even think Homeslice got this much attention.  My mom got her a crate, and  Bat Cave Twidget even sent her a very fancy collar you’ll be seeing in pictures very soon.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone considering adopting a retired racer. They are totally lovely and sweet and I’m so glad we did this.

Big Pussy continues to not give a shit one way or the other.

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  1. Oh my god it’s so funny you say that because a couple of nights ago, I had my little glass of bourbon with me and she was trying to get it! That was the first time she went up the stairs by herself–she was following my bourbon! Perhaps Vivi is not the best name for her after all! LOL

  2. you are awesome for getting a rescue dog
    i have one too, his name is Buddy. I rescued him in dubai, when i used to live there.
    His ‘owners” (fukers) starved him. he is cool as shit
    i have a massive hangover ,,,,massive
    ouchie…. typing hurts today

  3. Does she have the ability to bark? Does she make other sounds? Sometimes breeders snip the vocal chords of race dogs so they don’t bark and mess up the race.

    I love Vivi she is a beautiful dog
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… No Shave November =-.

  4. i forget what i was going to say, because i was so horrified to read rebecca’s comment. i hope she’s just not a big barker and hasn’t had her vocal chords snipped, omg 🙁

    she is such a gorgeous dog. i hope she starts fluffing up soon 🙂
    .-= Alice’s last blog post… odds &amp ends =-.

  5. Congrats on Vivi. Love the name. Black greyhounds are very special. She most likely can bark, she just hasn’t had a reason to. It’s one of the best parts of this laid back, loving breed. You already notice how cool they are compared to little ankle biters. Be sure to not fatten her up too much. They are supposed to be skinny bitches! Too fat, and you’ll have issues with her spine. In 6 months she’ll be a different dog – a better version of Vivi – and totally comfortable, roaching in your home. Congrats!

  6. Welcome Vivi! My rescue mutt is basically mute. I was wondering if she was able to bark and then one day about 6 months after I got her, she let out one huge shepherd sounding woof! And promptly ran under the coffee table to escape it. We now average one singular bark every month or two. But she is a very happy girl.
    .-= patty’s last blog post… Brain Forest =-.

  7. I voted for Vivian, so that’s a win all around. And I was totally thinking of the yayas when I did it. Fiona is just too Shrek-like. She’s beautiful. And I LOVE that expression on Alice’s face in that photo. She’s all grump! and grr!
    .-= k8’s last blog post… The Familiar Path =-.

  8. She’s beautiful! We got a 2 y.o. rescue Golden Retriever in February. Took her a couples weeks to start barking – previous owners probably beat her for it or something. You have wonderful patience and she’s so lucky to be part of your family now.

  9. Hiya K squared. Okay ~ Love the Vivi name.

    I was giving each name in your poll a shortening “fifi, vivi, etc” and the reason I loved Vivian was due to the way it sounded shortened. Stupendous choice.

    I also have been meaning to share I photographed a cool Ghound rescue guy over the summer for The Lazy Dog Cafe. (a decent restaurant chain here in LA/OC) I added a name tag for Ken’s Flickr Stream. Badger’s eye’s also say “thank you” like none other. That night the Ghound and I had many tender moments, terrific breed. I’m so thrilled for your family.

    Wow, why are all the invisible people in the sky showing me so many sign K and K? (two glasses of wine in – no judging about my honesty)

    Kr were we friends in a past life?? Beginning to think all signs point to yes.

    Semper Fi today friends.
    .-= Kathleen’s last blog post… Star Wars Wookie Wordless Wednesday =-.

  10. I want a vivien. I was at the market yesterday and saw a pretty greyhound outside and thought of you and thought I AM GOING TO TAKE THIS DOG. I didn’t but I wanted to. Also she needs to quit with the carpet. I think that’s where we’re sleeping.
    .-= Melissalion’s last blog post… It Does Get Easier =-.

  11. Yay!! I totally voted Vivian! She’s so pretty and I’m so glad she’s settling in….well, except for the carpet part…not cool.

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