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Thank you so much you guys!

I feel better hearing all of your stories and knowing that so many of you have gone through something very much like this.  I’m still pretty scared, but I’m at least not planning my funeral every moment.

My doctor is notoriously hard to read, and so he scared the crap out of me.  I called his PA yesterday to see if she could explain things a little more to me.  She hasn’t called back yet, but I was crying when I spoke to the nurse and she agreed that somebody should talk to me.  So, I expect a phone call sometime today.

But you guys are so wonderful and I really, really appreciate your stories.

Keep telling me stories!  I need stories!!!!

PS: Today is a Toy with Me day!

The Sexiest Movie Scenes of All Time

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  1. Well hopefully they will call you soon because it sucks waiting. I’ll tell you that I had pre-cancer cells removed from my cervix … years ago. I thought for sure I was going to die but I’m still here and the cells never came back. Female problems are the worst and the ‘superpower’ is something I wish would just go away forever. The internet can be the devil when it comes to googling medical problems 😉
    Hang in there!!

  2. I had the precancerous cells removed too (squamus carcenoma ensitu) only to have them come back and say “Congratulations! We thought it was precancerous but it’s full blown cervical cancer so now we’re gonna take it out most of your cervix and you can’t have any babies even if you wanted to so it’s good that you don’t want to. PS – don’t ever get pregnant, the baby will fall out”. Gee, thanks.
    .-= bat cave twidget’s last blog post… Guilty Pleasures =-.

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