You think you know, but you don’t.

Just when we thought we were pretty much the classiest bunch of assholes on the Interwebz, we are not, Queefies.

We have been outclassed by this young lady who is clearly a very, very, big fan of mine:

Which one of you guys did that?


I’m touched, really.  I mean, I know you love me, but to express your love and devotion to the QOFE in such a way just…it warms the cockles, really.

I’m overwhelmed.

Thank you, anonymous Queef.



PS: Why haven’t any of you other guys done this yet?

DO YOU NOT LOVE ME?  I’m beginning to question your devotion at this point.  Say it loud, say it proud, “I’M A QUEEF!” or at least have it tattooed on your bum.  It’s the least you could do after all the years of entertainment I have provided you.

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  1. Believe me, if that were MY backside, y’all would’ve gotten pics in your email. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied to put my “Queef” tat on my cleavage. If I do, you’ll motorboat it, right Crissy? *giggle
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… WHOOT WEDNESDAY! =-.

  2. Not for Nothing ( I had to put the RI accent in 🙂 But WHY??? would you ever get that put on your ass? It makes you wonder if she even knows what it means. It is on her ass, maybe some ex boyfriend is a tattoo artist getting revenge, but she sure seems proud of it. No Fucking Way

  3. I just thought for a moment today is the luckiest day of my life I thought that’s was ur bum but den I was dissappionted o I just wish

  4. Creepy. Not so sure it’s complimentary to be associating with somebody’s gothfont ink shouting to the world “QUEEF!”

    Especially when it means what it does when you google it.

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