All aboard the shitwagon!

So we’re going to start with the thing that’s bothering me the most and work our way down to the mildly irritating and/or totally stupid.

First up we have Homeslice’s lymph nodes in her little groin area.  The one that was swollen over a month ago is still swollen and now there’s another one right next to it that keeps getting bigger although it’s still smaller than the other one.  And then sometimes they seem to be almost gone, and then sometimes they swell back up again.  I’m hysterical. I think I’m going to bring her back to the doctor because my anxiety disorder is pretty much demanding a blood test at this point even though she’s acting perfectly fine and healthy and has no fever and the swellings don’t hurt her at all and the original one hasn’t gotten any bigger than it was since it first appeared.  But then I think maybe I won’t have her tested because  I’m really scared of the blood test BECAUSE WHAT IF SHE’S REALLY SICK?

I need to know but I’m really afraid to find out.

And I’m giving up on the dog adoption situation.    I had an appointment with a guy last night and he was supposed to bring 2 dogs for us to meet, but then it was just one dog and then he changed the time and THEN HE DIDN’T SHOW UP OR BOTHER TO CALL TO TELL ME HE WASN’T COMING OR ANSWER HIS PHONE.

This is a totally different organization than the other one that blew me off like this FIVE TIMES.  They still haven’t returned my call after blowing me off the fifth time.  It’s been two weeks.

I guess doing this to people and not respecting their time and the fact that adopting a pet is an EMOTIONAL thing and telling someone they will get to meet a potential new family member and then not even having enough respect for them to tell them you need to re-schedule and instead just letting them clear an entire day or a whole weekend and then completely blowing them off like they don’t matter is the way to run a dog rescue.

They’re always whining about how hard it is to be volunteers and that they have lives, you know, and that people need to be patient and blah, blah, blah, WHAT ABOUT ME?  AM I NOT A PERSON TOO?  I also have a life and I’m trying to do the right thing by adopting a homeless animal, but I’m getting treated like shit by these people.

I don’t understand.

I’ve learned a lot about people through this experience and it’s not good news, you guys.  It’s not good news at all.

So, I’m giving up because I can’t deal with the disappointment and heartbreak anymore.

And moving back to Saturday night having gone to bed late after our Zombie Prom, I woke up at 3 in the morning feeling sticky and wet to discover that Alice had thrown up in our bed, under the blankets, and that I had been sleeping in it.  At first I only noticed that I had slid my foot into something, so I checked it out and it was a HUGE pile of super-chunky something.  I didn’t know what the hell it was, so I got out of bed to take a look and determined that it was  some sort of really putrid contents from something (ass? stomach?) and so I limped into the bathroom to wash my foot off and re-group a little bit.

Mister got up to scrape what he determined to be vomit off the bed when I noticed that my back felt cold and wet, too.  I had barf chunks stuck all over my shirt and I had left a trail of them behind me on the way to the bathroom.  I had to take a complete shower and rinse the chunks out of my pajamas while Mister stripped the bed.

It took two trips to get all our bedding down to the basement washing machine, Alice following me the whole way and throwing up more little piles of goodness as we went.

It was…very special.

I never got back to sleep after that, so  I basically got about 3 hours in before all the specialness was discovered.

That was the second night of sleep deprivation because on Friday night, we went to my friend Gina’s annual Halloween party and when we got home, Homeslice was wide awake and hanging out with the babysitter.  She never went back to sleep for more than ten minutes at a time.

That was also a Very Special Evening.

We won best couple’s costume at Gina’s party though, so that was something good riding on the shitwagon that was our weekend.


(huge version here)

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  1. 1) homeslice is fine. i can understand that you’re concerned. call the pediatrician and explain your anxieties. maybe they’ll write a scrip. for valium. for you.


    2) have i ever told you what a smoking hot blood-spattered brain-eating risen-from-the-grave milf you are?

    god i wanna squick you… (you may need to look that up.)

    3) dog rescue people, despite being very compassionate to animals, have zero people skills. except jessica, who is a total sweetheart, and cute too.

  2. They apologized for standing us up last night. The adoption coordinator feels really bad and is trying to set us up for tonight instead. We’ll see.

    You’re a hot bloody mess, yourself.

    And Jessica is a sweetheart. And she’s cute.
    .-= Crissy’s last blog post… All aboard the shitwagon! =-.

  3. Ick. Having had a similar dog/bed issue I feel your pain (um, rather your disgusted gross-out inducing a Crying Game shower scene).

    Also, awesome costumes! Congrats!

  4. I probably would have puked myself if I found myself laying in puke. I get squicked (the other kind, Ken) when I step in cat vomit. I can’t imagine laying in it.

    And I love your costumes. Love them. Homeslice really is fine, but I would call them and give them an update and ask if they would want to see her again. If they say no, then you take a deep breath and pull yourself together. Right?
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Vibrant Vegetables and Sleeping Babies =-.

  5. oh where to start. Slightly gagging about the dog puke ewww!! The costumes are awesome!!

    I don’t get why rescue groups charge so much for their dogs. I mean I GET that they need to be reimbursed for saving the dog and taking care of it, but I can get a perfectly good crazy dog at the pound for $90 and he’s already neutered and micro chipped.

    I think you should follow your mommy intuition with Homeslice.
    .-= mom taxi julie’s last blog post… 40 days and 40 nights for a 40th Birthday Wheres the Ark =-.

  6. You guys look totally AMAZING and your Halloween party looks way more fun then what I have planned. I’m gonna take the kids around the Mall…because it’s climate controlled and has bathrooms and my neighborhood is full of The Crazies.

    Dog puke in the bed is up there with Cat Shit on the blanket. I had a kitten shit on my Mom’s comforter once. She had no clue until she cuddled it all up into her face. It was still warm. I laughed so hard I nearly popped something.
    .-= Nambrosia’s last blog post… Because Im Kind of Fail Like That =-.

  7. Your costumes are TREMENDOUS, right down to the details. I can tell that lots of thought was put into these. As for the persons who don’t return phone calls, they are the bane of my existence. I get soooo pissed, and it happens a lot. What’s the point of all our fancy communications devices if we don’t bother to use them? General question: did this happen as much in the days before twitter, texting, cell phones and email?
    .-= Helen’s last blog post… Purple Rose Hair Clip- Bobby Pin or Brooch =-.

  8. And THAT is why we all sleep with our doors closed. So the furbags can’t sleep with us and hurl in/on the beds!

    Here near Detroit, the Humane Society has a HUGE adoption of animals that they hold at the Zoo twice a year for themselves and any animal shelters to find homes for their homeless dogs and cats. Kids and I went three years ago and they had all kinds of dogs and cats from newborns to adult. We went for a brother and sister, in the cat department. Came home with a brother and TWO sisters!! They picked the two sisters(thinking one was a boy) and we couldn’t leave their brother there….alone….by himself… the cage….alone…..without his sisters…..alone!!! 😉

    Maybe your big city(or small one!) has something like this in your area! You’d still be helping the homeless pet population and at the same time helping the shelter situation. We’ll do this again when we plan on more furbags!!

    And if your pediatrician is the same one as you started with after Girlfriend was born…………….listen to what he/she says about Homeslice’s lymph nodes. You trust them, that’s why you’re still going there!! Relax, do the Mom thing and continue keeping an eye on them.

    Totally cool costumes you two! Congrats on your win!

    1. i did crissy’s hair, and my makeup, but i did not do crissy’s makeup.

      we each picked out our own costume elements. she spattered some blood on my shirt. i was in charge of the belt sander.

  9. Wow!

    Ick to the dog puke and lack of sleep. Maybe Homeslice (that’s so funny you call her that) would be very very angry at you if you make her get blood tests, but I do understand the hysteria. It’s a Mom thing. I don’t understand the deal with adopting a dog. That’s nuts!!

    love the costumes

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