And here would be why I love Sesame Street

Ladies and Gentlequeefs, I present to you, True Mud

(only people who are obsessed with True Blood will enjoy this. The rest of you can go back to watching Antiques Roadshow or whatever the fuck you watch instead of The Most Awesomest Show Ever).

I lol’ed when Bill walked in superfast! And did you catch Lafayette and Andy and I swear the cow is Tara. Right? Because poor Tara is a cow. I laugh every time Tara has something fucked up happen and her lip quivers. Like, how funny was it when she was trying to escape from Russel Edgington’s house and the werewolf got her? Ugh! Good stuff.

Anyway, Monday sucks. I’m going to try to come back later and write more words on the Internet to entertain you and make your Monday less suicidal.

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  1. I’ve watched one episode of True Blood (cuz I was visiting someone and didn’t have a choice) but don’t have a teevee so can’t watch it on the regular plus I’m reading the books. My only issue with the Sesame Street version is that Sookie isn’t a dumbass like they seem to imply here she is. “True Spud?” Really? Oh well. I need to stop expecting realism in my Muppet Vampire Parodys.
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Square One =-.

  2. I didn’t read your post until today – I am too busy being all important at my new job. HAHA I mean, I started a new job, but I’m no more important than I ever was.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t watch True Blood either. I guess I need to get on the bandwagon, huh?!

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