Oh, haiiii!

I’m sorry I have neglected you Queefies this morning! I was out having breakfast over at this place with The Rabbi! I had a feta and spinach egg white omelet (is that how you spell that? It doesn’t look right.) with a side of toast and some home fries and water. It was pretty good! Sadly, Homeslice was with me and you know how that goes. As soon as I wouldn’t let her send pictures messages to people on my cell phone, she lost her shiznat and we had to leave.

But it was nice to go out with a friend, and it’s kind of ironic that I did that today of all days because my Toy with Me post is about how I’m going to start a new dating website for people who are looking for friends.

So you should go and read it! Sometimes I Just Need A Friend and WHY DO YOU GUYS HAVE TO LIVE IN MY COMPUTER???

I would love to stay and chat but I have a raging headache from my Starbuck’s problem. Fucking evil, those Starbuck’s people. Evil as sin!

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  1. You could start that site … then they’d make a movie about you. I wish my internet friends lived next door!

    I gave both my girls old cell phones … they use the camera and take pictures of each other going pee … I don’t know??

  2. One of my girlfriends (not THAT kind of GIRL friend) works at Starbucks. I have pounds of Starbucks coffee in my freezer and some of those giant pump bottles of flavor syrup. It is really nice perk to being friends with her 😀
    And, yes, they really do put crack in the coffee.

  3. You do know what you get for kicking the coffee, don’t you?

    Radiant skin. Like a pearl. Moist and luscious. Sweet yum yum.

    Keep the Excedrin on board. It’s a killer headache.

    Skin like a pearl PLUS big dip in anxiety levels.

  4. Maybe some people are jealous of how you look in your underpants. That and possibly how your kitchen layout works.

    I’m not the type to let something like that stand between me and friendship, but I do find myself coveting the way you’ve got things organized in that space.

    Any others who may be of a more competitive nature could nip possibilities of true friendship right in the bud and go so far as to demean you as just a silly sexy librarian who makes perfect babies with a talented and supportive snap shooter on top of making a lovely nest, and somehow balances it all on top of pushing the envelope with how you arrange your letters.

    Just sayin’.

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