The Camera Gays

So this past weekend we went to a party which was sort of like a big meet-up for all Mister’s camera friends, who are affectionately referred to as “Camera Gays” around our house.

Here’s a picture of just about everyone at the big gay camera party:

They are not to be confused with the Woodland Gays though. The Woodland Gays are totally different because they’re creepy and they live in the woods. The Camera Gays, while sometimes found in the woods, are not creepy (mostly), they’re just obsessed with their cameras.

Everyone was walking around with these very fancy and impressive looking pieces of equipment in their hands, and every once in a while, someone would fondle the camera a little bit, snap a picture, show it off, and move on. Come to think of it, it was almost like a bunch of gay guys with their little dogs on a sunny Saturday morning at the dog park, except the cameras weren’t wearing sweaters that coordinate with their owner’s sweater (usually).

The Camera Gays love to talk about their pet-cameras and they’re all like “wanna see my camera? Oh, I’d like to touch your camera, I want to zoom your lens, oh, that’s a nice lens, can I screw your lens into my camera and push the button and take a picture, oh, yes, that’s very nice, do you like my dynamic range? Isn’t that nice, and what about my soft box? Don’t you wish you had a soft box like mine and look at all my flashy flashes and my wide angles! Would you like to touch my memory stick? What’s that you say? You want to take a macro of my what…?”

And it went on like that as the Camera Gays fondled each other’s cameras (which we all know are symbolic of their penises) and it was sort of weird for me because everyone knew who I was and has read this here blog, and not only did they know who I was, but they knew everything about me and have even seen me in my underwears!

It was bizarre, so naturally my first instinct was to ask for some wine immediately and some jackass, some joker, some smartypants, some cad, gave me non-alcoholic wine! But don’t worry Queefies! I sniffed it right out and insisted someone bring me something worth drinking, because either that was grape juice or I’ve got a tolerance like a motherfucker. Or, both are true.

Anyway, I’m a little disappointed because what with all those Camera Gays at the party, nary a one took my picture unless you count this one with my big, giant mouth open because if I’m not drinking a glass of wine


Are we feeling my highlights?

You can’t count this one because Mister is in it and it does not showcase the Many Faces of Crissy:

And Girlfriend and Homeslice were there too, and Girlfriend thought it would be fun to beat all the foreign people in the ass with a bat.

And so she did. Repeatedly.  For longer than it was cute. I guess she has a penchant for New Zealand accents.

The end.

PS: Have you ever watched your kid doing something and thought to yourself “somebody should stop that kid from doing that thing she’s doing” and then you realized that YOU are the one who should stop that kid and it’s just like “aw, crap.  Can’t someone else do it for once?”

PSS: It’s a Toy with Me day today!  I’ll get you that link in about 5 hours when the Canadians wake up.  My Mom, My Brother, And The Fishcunt

PSSS: For the rest of the pics, please go see Ben’s post! (He’s a really good photographer too. Go buy a print from him!) <<<Mister totally wrote that, but that doesn’t mean anything.  I think he’s having a bromance with Ben. They’re always admiring each other’s stuff if you know what I mean.

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  1. lolz, thanks for the plug! our bathroom wall reads “we love the queen” in giant letters then “& the jacobsens” really small under it… Oh, and Nikki’s a milf, know anything about that?

    good times.

  2. “Everyone was walking around with these very fancy and impressive looking pieces of equipment in their hands”

    That does sound pretty gay…
    .-= Patty O’Tool’s last blog post… =-.

  3. Hmmm, not sure about the highlights/lowlights. You seem to be looking older in the picture which is weird because I’ve not seem you looking older before… I loved the blonde before- very hot! damn I hope you wanted an honest answer because otherwise I just look like a trolly bitch 🙁 as for watching your kids do something and thinking you should say something but can’t be bothered to do it again let me tell you that that is the reason the hubby comes home at the weekend, to give us poor mothers a break from the constant “stop that!””that’s dangerous!””will you stop whacking your sister with the samurai sword!” (I totally used the last one yesterday 😉

  4. I love that you made cameras sound sexy!!! I think my favorite part of the video is at the beginning. You and Ken are talking and you have no idea what Girlfriend is doing…so I know Ken didn’t put her up to it. HILARIOUS! I can’t believe those guys didn’t get it in the front! I love Charlotte!

  5. Girlfriend is really gonna be a force to be reckoned with when she gets to the dating years.

    “You call THAT a Valentine’s gift?” **BOP** “Now go drop some real bank or don’t come back!!”

    So… did you fondle their expensive equipment or are they sortve weird about other people touching their expensive equipment?
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… My latest obsession =-.

  6. Luckily, I don’t have kids. But there are many times that I’ve watched OTHER people’s kids do things much longer than I thought was cute…..

    P.S. Did I mention that Dingo made me show up here? She’s bossy like that.

  7. I say, as mothers we run it like a sport. I can tag in and out as needed. Moms can be drafted, so you can pick who will play, and you don’t end up with any problems at the end of the day.

    There could be cute outfits and awesome team names.

    Who’s in?

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