What’s this? Tuesday?

This has been the longest week already and it’s only fucking Tuesday?  This seems impossible to me.  It should be Friday, shouldn’t it?  Thursday at least.

Anyone having anxiety problems and not sleeping?

I am.

Only last night it was thunder that woke me up.  It sounded like the house next door exploded (oh lord wouldn’t that be wonderful?) but it was only thunder and it scared the bejeezus out of me and I sat straight up, gasping, my heart pounding, and never went back to sleep.  I’ve been awake since 2:30 worrying about things that are going on in my life right now and periodically crying my guts out and waking Mister up.

I’m so much fun I can hardly stand to be around myself.

Part of the freakout is anxiety about kindergarten.  I’m freaking out because I’m letting my Girlfriend go out into the world where people can hurt her and I won’t be there to kill them.  What if some little fucker is mean to her?  There isn’t shit I can do.  What if she gets on the wrong bus?  Will she be lost forever?

Is it still cool in Kindergarten to wear a Care Bears shirt?

What about a Care Bears lunchbox, because that’s what I got her.  It has a rainbow handle and sparkles.  Is somebody gonna beat her up now?  When I was in first grade, Justin Lyons had a Star Wars lunchbox and it infuriated me.  I totally wanted to choke him for being such a dork.  I remember telling my grandfather about it, it was that big of a deal.

My lunchbox had Lassie on it which was much cooler, obviously.

I don’t want anyone to persecute Girlfriend for loving Care Bears,  I don’t.

And I’m signing her up for a yoga class and an acting class and do you think that will be too much for her?  Will yoga and playing pretend stress her out too much because that’s so not the point.

These and many other things are torturing your poor Crissy’s tired brain.

Plus, we’ve been to sooooo many parties that the past two weekends have been insanely busy with crap to go to and I haven’t had any head space at all.  I want to go hide under my bed because I’m not that social.  I’m really pretty shy and having to talk to people sends me right to the vodka.

Mister’s been trying to get me to take a Valium, but I’m scared of it because I’m probably the only person who can take a Valium and have a panic attack because I just took a Valium.


So yeah.  That’s all I’ve got for today, so I want you guys to tell me what was on your lunchboxes and if you got beat up for it.

I had a Holly Hobby, Lassie, Muppets, Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie and Smurfs.

Now you.

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  1. I had the brown bag, it was so sad. I also had a homemade Cabbage Patch Kid that my step aunt made me. I never got beat up, but I did get made fun of for that. But then my best friend yelled at the girl who made fun of me for that, and called her fat. Just teach girlfriend to make a fist with her thumb on the outside and that calling other people fat makes them shut up, and you’re golden.
    .-= Antelope’s last blog post… How long does it take to fix a water treatment plant anyway =-.

  2. In all honesty, I can’t remember what was on my lunchbox or anyone else’s for that matter. What I can remember is I always had the world’s most boring lunches. And all the other kids who got to eat chips and cookies and cool stuff were the envy of my lunch hours. So, pack Girlfriend’s lunchbox with things that will make the other kids drool and they’ll never tease her about what’s on the outside. =)

  3. You have given me an opportunity to revive the sad, sad memory of my all-metal, industrial style (it looked like a little silver barn) lunchbox. It was indestructible, which was the point, but it was also indestructible, so there was no chance I was ever going to get a cool plastic one with jedi or ninja turtles or rainbows or anything fun. I tried to wreck it, I tried to lose it (good luck with that — everyone knew it was mine and helpfully returned it), I tried to convince my parents that it was totally uncool. Nope. I was stuck with it for 5 long years.

  4. I had a Partridge Family lunchbox with, of course, the matching thermos. I took milk in my thermos. School is going to be so much fun for Girlfriend and she’ll be just fine!! Save the worrying for when she turns 15.

  5. I can barely remember what it looked like, but since it was plastic after a month the smell bothered my Momma used brown paper bags. The Green movement hadn’t got off the ground yet. To properly place my elementary era I will go with these mental nuggets: Dittos, Chinese Jacks, people always talking about a guy named Regan, koala bears that you pinned to your shirt, Schwin ten-speed bikes, and the need to wear shorts under my dresses so the boys couldn’t see nuttin. (not necessarily in that order).
    Take care of yourself Crissy, sorry for your nightime funk. They can really mess with a girl.

  6. I know a thing or two about not sleeping…my husband has been out of town since Sun and won’t get home til Thurs. I WISH I had a Valium to take! My anxiety is super nuts. It’s just me and the 2 girls.

    I had a care bears lunch box when I was little. My daughter has a princess lunchbox.

    Girlfriend will do great in school. It’ll go smoothly. I was so busy before school started that we never got to meet Hayley’s teacher. As she was about to get on the bus, she asked me how she’d find her classroom. I told her that the nice people at the school would help her. I’m not a bad mom, but every once in a while it’s ok to let someone else figure it out 🙂

  7. I totally don’t remember any of my lunch boxes right now. Girlfriend is beautiful and has YOU for a mom so I’m pretty sure she’s going to grab kindergarten by the balls and rule the halls.
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Fragmented =-.

  8. Girlfriend will have the whole place under her control well before lunchtime of day one, so you can stop worrying about the lunchbox.

  9. I had a metal Scooby Doo lunch box when I was little. That’s the only one I remember having. The rest of the time it was a brown paper bag. My daughter picked out an LPSO lunch bag.

    I hear you on the anxiety. My house has been crazy since September but it’s getting back to normal now. And I have home schooled the kiddos for 4 years, but they will be going to school this year. My 9 yr old and 6 yr old have never been to a REAL school and my oldest is a freshman and I am FREAKING THE EFF OUT! I have a feeling come next week on the first day of school I will be a blubbering idiot and snapping 56948576 pictures before we leave the house.

    P.S.Having to be social sends me running to vodka too. I should buy stock in Burnett’s.

  10. I grew up in Seattle in the 70s and there were no cares in Kindergarten. Had Disney, Muppets Pigs in Space, and Smurfs lunch boxes -awesomeness.

    My youngest of 3 kids is entering 1st grade, and you know what? Kindergarten is a magical time, full of sparkly unicorn farts that smell like cupcakes. They learn so much and there are so many kids to play with. Snacks and a little nap time. Stories and fingerpainting. Fucking magical. I want to go there. You should be jealous, not anxious.

    I realize you live in the land of those Escalade Cunts, so things may be different there, but most schools are pretty protective of the little kiddos, and even the older kids look out for them. Girlfriend will love it, and the kids will love her.

  11. I didn’t have a lunchbox. When I was really little, we all went home for lunch. Later, it was paper bags, but other kids had lunchboxes. I never envied their boxes. It wasn’t something my family did. I don’t remember my brother or sister ever having such things.
    .-= Helen’s last blog post… Tudor Rose Hair Clip =-.

  12. She will rock this, you know it.
    Care Bears are fine. Let her like what she likes.
    Take the Valium. If you have a panic attack, take another one.
    love ya Crissy!

  13. I am so jealous! I never got a cool lunch box! And I don’t recall anyone getting beat up over theirs so I think you worrying over nothing. Besides she’s your daughter so I bet she can hold her own.

  14. The Girl started Kindergarten after never, ever having been to preschool and was NOT down with nap time, took an hour to eat breakfast and was ALWAYS the last one eating lunch. Her teacher was SO appalled. Nevermind that The Girl was also the only one in her class assessed as “Gifted & Talented”, the only one who could, on day one, count to 1000 flawlessly (the teacher TRIED to get her to stop somewhere around 200, The Girl was having none of that).

    I think the social part was the hardest for The Girl. She didn’t give a rip about the other kids and wanted to hang out with the teacher and her aide.

    Girlfriend will be fine. But I remember feeling blue because I was at work her very first day of school and I completely missed the experience. I would have embarrassed her with my crying, though, so it’s probably better I didn’t see her off that first day.

    And, if you don’t want the valium, gimme some. I could stand to drop my stressometer a few notches.
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Obsession is a cruel mistress =-.

  15. i couldn’t remember my lunchbox so i emailed my mom!

    so she wrote back with…ROOKIES….then it was SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN AND STAR WARS was your last and final lunch box. After that, you said only babies carried lunch boxes!

    i seem to recall an NFL lunchbox at some point too….

    i think i got beat up all the time

    but it probably wasnt because of my lunchbox!

    it was because i was the only chinese kid in a school full of round eyes

  16. I had a Smurfs lunch box. I loved that thing. Everyday there was a bologna sandwich, some chips, a juice box and a pudding cup (the one in a can.. old school). No wonder I turned into a porker. Geesh .. Thanks Mom.
    Not one thing in that lunch box was healthy.

  17. Just breathe! Mine just started Kindergarten too (I live in Georgia and they start early down here). I was all nervous and scared and now we are starting week two with no problems. My friends daughter is riding the bus and she was nervous so she just drove to school the first couple of days to make sure she made it. As for lunchboxes I don’t know about up there but down here the kids love care bears and strawberry shortcake and in Kindergarten they don’t seem to care too much about what they are wearing or carrying. Save that anxiety for later. lol I don’t remember ever being made fun of in Kindergarten for anything I wore or carried either. I could just be blocking painful memories though. JUST KIDDING! Oh yeah I will say that the kids that eat at the school are usually jealous of the lunchbox kids. The school lunches SUCK!

  18. I never had a lunchbox. 🙁

    With five children, lunch boxes were a luxury we couldn’t afford! Besides, we lived(father still does) two blocks from the school, we had to come home for lunch.

  19. Holly Hobby and Strawberry Shortcake. I didn’t read all your comments above me but remember when the lunch boxes were metal and you could really hurt someone with them? Ah, those were the days.

  20. Wow, jealous. Girlfriend gets to go to yoga? Perhaps if I’d started earlier I wouldn’t have had that stick up my butt for all of high school. Or maybe I just needed to get laid.

    I had to have school lunch too, subsidized. It was pretty tragic. They gave us a plastic packet with a spork, a straw and a napkin for every meal whether we needed it or not. No lunch box for me; in elementary school I’d have slit throats for a TMNT one though.

  21. Cross, I ventured over from TWM. I adore your humor.

    I had a My Little Pony lunch box.

    Also, take a Valium. It’s nice to be able to chill out and catch your breath every now and then. Hell, even better – I will send you a Xanax (mommy’s little helper). They are like Value”s older and meaner brother.

    DEA : NO. I’m not a dope dealer (anymore).

  22. The odd thing about anxiety is that it’s normal. We even need it… It tells us when we’re not safe and so we need to do something about it. It gives us enough motivation to complete projects we might not otherwise get through. More importantly, it hangs around because at some point our anxiety panned out and saved our ass… It really sucks, though, when it starts getting in the way of things (especially sleeping!). I’m afraid this may come across as trite, but I really don’t mean for it to be that way. There are a lot of different things (little, non-time consuming things) that can help that don’t involve medication. (Know what you mean about panicking about taking something… especially something with the effects that Valium can have, although meds CAN be helpful.)

    As for lunch boxes…. I never got to have one. I grew up on Naval bases, so we pretty much dealt with boot-camp style chow. Meh… not so tasty, believe me! (And the word I’ve gotten is that Care Bears are totally in, anyway.)

    Hope things settle for you a bit so you can get some of the head space you need!
    .-= SkyddsDrake’s last blog post… Randomness… 07-22-2010 =-.

  23. I had to go home for lunch through grade school. DORK. Girlfriend is a diva. She will have everyone eating out of her hand, boys CARRYING her Care Bears lunch box and backpack by 10 a.m. Don’t you worry about her. If Care Bears aren’t cool now, they will be by 3 p.m. after her first day at school.

    Chamomile tea with Valerian root. My sister in law swears by it. I can’t take it because I take other psycho drugs, but she’s a total hippie freak who won’t take drugs. TRY IT.
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Back to Work =-.

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