Homeslice will cut a bitch

The other day I was exercising while the two Princesses of Fucking Everything enjoyed their dress ups and their play kitchen. It was sooooo cute watching them together until Girlfriend swiped the Hello Kitty purse Homeslice had been filling with toy cutlery right out of her hands.


Homeslice let out a bear-like growl, picked up a plastic toy knife, and shanked her sister!

Girlfriend will think twice before gankin’ her sister’s bag again, I can tell you that. I did nothing to intervene because Homeslice had the situation well in hand, clearly.

I’m probably a better mother than you because I firmly believe that children should try to settle conflicts themselves–even if bitches have to get cut.

She’s also been going out and gettin’ crunk and eating cake till 7pm.


She’s going to be the first 14 month-old in Juvee. We’re very proud, obviously.

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  1. ahh, so lucky to have two “spirited” girls.

    girlfriend told me she was moving out yesterday. she said she was going to live at alena’s. i told her that she should find out if that’s ok with them first.

  2. So, there’s a play-yard maker by the name of Joovy. When Sweets and I were at a baby store, we laughed. Because, the idea of putting a little kid in this contraption that is already looking like a jail cell and then saying that it’s made by Joovy … juvi … well, it cracked us up. Sounds like Homeslice could use her own version of a Joovy. hahaha.
    .-= Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks’s last blog post… Class =-.

  3. My son bites. Someone takes something away from him, then he will take a chunk out of the taker. I’m so proud of him for taking up for his stuff……….and for dominating over everyone else too because he will totally bite them to take their stuff.
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Everything is Squeaky =-.

  4. My sons do this too and the fun thing is they actually say “I’m going to shank you” to each other prior to the knifing. I am so proud to have boys who will be able to protect their precious third eyes in prison someday.

    P.S. I have passed an award on to you whether you like it or not for having a Hot Blog. The link to the award in case you’re curious is:
    .-= Sabreena’s last blog post… The Best Award Evah!!!! =-.

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