1. That is the sweetest little girl in the world. Send her to me if you ever get tired of her. I doubt you will though. Feel better Crissy. There is a nasty flu going around. Hope that is not what you have.

  2. she is so dang cute. I just love hearing her little voice, just talking away.

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. You need to stop getting the monkey swine flu! Hang in there!

  3. First off thanks for all the great work you put into this. This is my first post and after several hilarious months I read all tour posts ( I started with the oldest so the new references are 2x funny).

    Ken really a Nikkor 50mm on a mark II? I could see if maybe you wanted to use the 14-24 but the 50?

  4. lol stu.

    the deal is, the nikkor is a loaner from my father. it’s a good 45 years old by this point. still a nice lens.

    the 5dm2 was also a loaner. it was damaged in an incident involving salt water, rendering any and all lens communcation useless. basically no AF and no aperture control.

    i borrowed the 5dm2 to capture some slides using an adapter. in the mean time, i had only two full frame capable lenses: the 50mm 1.4 and my tokina 116 (as long as it was kept above 14.5mm, it covered the full frame). so when i took the slide adapter off to capture some video and try out the (wounded) camera body, it wasn’t my first choice, but it was pretty much my ONLY choice.

    the collection of shots with the 5dm2 can be found here.

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