I only came here to tell you to go somewhere else, but you’ll totally forgive me once you see where you’re going.

You wanna see my mad sick pole dancing skillz, yo?

Crissy Reviews a Stripper Pole

If you don’t go see this, I feel sorry for you for being so lame.

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  1. Upload your pictures wearing a black bikini and dancing around the pole showing ur mad skills!!!!! Yeah that Sud be so nice I hope I’m not asking for too much and offcourse if Mister is ok with it trust me this wd be really greatttttttttttt

  2. And I have noticed that your are more funny at twm den ur on your blog for me this blog is more important but this has a plausible explanation maybe because that is a bigger site like I went there first when I bought a sex toy den I came here u are the best among the writers writing there and maybe because u cater to a much bigger followers there maybe that’s why you reflect more humor there in you writings and please if I don’t make any sense at all forgive me English is not my native language best regards

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