I had no idea what the World Cup was until about 15 hours ago when I finally broke down and asked Lynne what it was.

I thought it was a sailing competition but apparently it’s tennis. Wait. Soccer. It’s soccer. Is it?


Okay, it’s either soccer or tennis but not sailing. That’s the American Cup. I know that.

Why do they have to call them all “cups?” Can’t they call just one of them a “trophy” so the rest of us have a prayer at keeping them all straight?

Some of them are “bowls,” right? Like the Rose Bowl. I like that one because they have that nice parade on tv. That’s a float competition, right? They want to see who can hot glue gun the most sunflower seeds onto a float and make it look like stuff.

I think I will write a letter to the cup people to tell them my suggestion. I’m sure they didn’t realize how confusing it is.

I’d like to say that I don’t know what all these cup things are because I’m very interested in other, more smartly things like space elevators and string theory and, of course, superstring theory, but it’s not.

I just don’t give a shit.

So yeah.

GO CELTICS! Well done, or whatever.

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  1. I’m sortve interested in Silly String Theory. But only if I don’t have to clean up afterwards. You find that stuff for MONTHS afterwards.

    And all these competitions sound like someone needs to do some housekeeping… cups, bowls… or do they call them that because those are the proper vessels for serving the game-watching snacks in?

    Is this some kind of snack food industry conspiracy? Cups, bowls…. and baseball has a home PLATE… Damn those buffalo wing and beer purveyors!
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Way too late… (and sadly, no K8) =-.

  2. They call them cups because that is where all the good things are kept . . . such as bra cups and men’s cups and liquor cups. Ok, I made up the liquor cup. I’ll buy the first round.

  3. “Open” is for Tennis (and Golf). I think it derives from the Olden Days when these events were “Open” to Amateur and Professional althlete alike. But now everyone is a pro. “Amateurs” are a category only in porno, nowadays. Maybe they should call it the “AVN Open.”

  4. But if you win in football, in addition to a huge cup or bowl or casserole dish, you get a very pretty ring. Same with baseball. And in boxing and wrestling you get golden gloves or a belt. In addition to helping with dinnerware selections, I think all sports should help you to accessorize.

    Is it true that you hook the space elevator up to your vacuum cleaner to fit three times as many people inside?
    .-= stoogepie’s last blog post… We’re Onto You, Teabaggers! =-.

  5. It’s okay Crissy, women are just not meant to know much about sports. We accessorize and match better than we know how many divets are on a golf ball.(Is divets the right word??? It’s 6am, I don’t really care.)

    Pimp, the Holy Grail is my favorite movie!!! :O

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