Stuff you didn’t know about your friend Crissy

So did I ever tell you guys about how this one time I found myself at a Public Enemy concert with my friend Suzi?


That’s us at the beach together rockin’ some coordinating bikinis and matching scrunchies just a couple of weeks before the concert. We were two of the littlest Miss Blondies you ever did see and so you can imagine how we fit in with the Public Enemy crowd in the early 90’s, right?


To get ready for the concert, we put on our new outfits from Gap, straightened our hair with her clothes iron, and debated whether or not pearls (I shit you not) would be cute with our outfits or if they were too much for Public Enemy and we decided that pearls are never a mistake so we went with it.

Pearls.  To Public Enemy.  We sure did.

How we wound up there in the first place is sort of interesting, actually.  Our boyfriends at the time were two spoiled trashy little East Side rich-boy types who thought they were players. They were walking past the Providence Biltmore Hotel when they saw Public Enemy going in and they totally spazzed and were all like “HOLY SHIT IT’S PUBLIC!! ENEMY!!” and so Public Enemy gave them tickets to the show instead of shooting them.

I think they were just waiting for later to shoot them.

So there we were, four preppy white kids in spiffy Gap and Ralph Lauren outfits, two of us wearing pearls for chrissakes, in a sea of black people who were wearing all black clothing and sort of all moving together to the music and saying all the words. They were fired up, you guys. It was a pretty extraordinary thing to witness, actually, except for the two Miss Blondies who were massively drunk on Mind Erasers humping one another and shouting “FIGHT THE POWER!!!” in the middle of that dark sea of oneness.

We were having a marvelous time, but accidentally making a mockery of the whole thing, I guess.  One nice lady came over and said something like “y’all are crazy.  You’re gonna get killed!”  And then we looked up and our dates sort of had a circle of guys around them, kind of like they were also gonna get killed too. It was as if nobody cared or even knew that we were personally invited to the concert by the performers themselves! WTF, you guys? I thought we were cool. Before I knew it, my boyfriend had me over his shoulder and Suzi was over her boyfriend’s shoulder and we were out on the street after waving “bye-bye” to the bouncers who patted us down on the way in.

I think we were probably there a total of 15 minutes. We went back to the East Side where we drank Amstel Light and had lovely dinner at a bar called Amsterdam and I threw up calamari in Suzi’s BMW.

The End.

So there it is. That’s my Public Enemy story.

And on the Toy with Mes I have for you My First Pole Dancing Class = Hilarity

Ya-ta-da-da!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been dying to tell you guys that I’m a pole dancer now!

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  1. i very carefully watched the video a couple of times.

    not once did i see a single petite white blond girl, never mind two.

    suzi always did have a thing for the brothers, though, didn’t she?

  2. Your scrunchies are amazing! And I may or may not have drunkenly got The Dead Guy and I almost shot in South Carolina at a local bar while watching football and saying, “What are the black guys doing? They’re stupid!” Which of course, meant the men in the black uniforms, but yanno. South Carolina, yo?
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Sunday Cooking on Monday =-.

  3. Reminds me of the time a friend and I went to Minneapolis by ourselves to check out a college there. After quickly deciding neither of us liked it, we found ourselves going to see New Jack City in an, ummmm, urban movie theater (on the wrong side of town). We were the only whities there … and we were the only ones who hadn’t snuck in 40s. It was awesome, though, thankfully, we didn’t get jacked for being too white.

  4. I had a roommate in college one summer (yes I went to summer school AND stayed in the dorms one summer = totally cool you know). She was African American. Invited me with her friends to a fraternity pool party thing. I went. Was the only non- African American in the place. A few “what the hell is that white girl doing here?” a few “damn, you a fine white girl” and a few “dumb ass white chick” and I was outta there. Was fun at the time 🙂

  5. Reminds me of when my BFF and I went to Nine Inch Nails concerts along with Ozzfest…………we were barely 150 pounds COMBINED and out in the mosh pit……..
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Chickens =-.

  6. Hello very nice pic u look soooooo beautiful and by the way I read your post on twm about vulva original and just out of curiosity I orders it it came in my office today I smelled it and I must tell you you were right that is totally a bullshit product it does not smell like the real thing its smells more like urine soooooo bad and I also wanted to ask if I cud save your picture and if yes den how?

  7. I’ve seen PE, in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is different tho – probably a 75/25 black to white crowd and all the back people were old.

    Nilsa – there are no theaters in “the bad part of Minneapolis,” I’ve lived here my whole life – the don’t even have gas stations there. Where you were was just in a black movie, black people tend to go to them.

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