A super exciting opportunity for the Queefies!!!

Cisco sent me this totally awesome little flip camera in exchange for my blogging about their What If Your TV Could… contest.

Isn’t it cute? I had the option of either keeping it or giving it to one of you people, but I’m a greedy whore bag so you know, you lose.

But!  The good news is that you could win something way better than a flip camera. They’re asking consumers to submit creative ideas about what they wish their TV could do and by doing so, you could win an opportunity to win a Grand Prize of $10,000, as well as the opportunity to receive one of 3 $500 Amazon.com gift cards for the most viewed videos.   All you have to do is submit a short video explaining what future capabilities you would like to see on your TV.

That’s it!

All you have to do is go here to view all the other submissions and to submit your own video.

Here’s our video! You need to go and watch it if you love me at all. You know our videos always rock, right? And for the love of sweet baby Jesus leave a comment, give it stars (to the left under the video), and add it to favorites (the heart to the right of the stars).  I think it needs all of those things in order for it to be in the running.  It won’t take you more than two minutes to watch the thing and press the buttons.

You’ve got two minutes for the Crissys, doncha?  Of course you do!  You want to see us get a new heating system for the ultimate in glamor, right?

And if you don’t really feel like making a video because you don’t need $10,000, that’s fine with me because I’ll have less competition, so you can just leave your ideas in my comments section.  Just know that telling me your ideas won’t get you shit. You have to go tell them. On video.


If your TV could do anything, what would you want it to do?

PS: if any of you guys make a video, I wanna see!  Link me up, dude.

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  1. the good thing about using the flip yourself is that you get to share more videos with the qofes!

    and before anyone wonders, the really fun kinds of home videos are for PRIVATE viewing only.

    i already asked.

  2. The cuteness of the three girls alone should put the 10K in your hands! Good Luck.

    Ken, “If” I had those kinds of videos I’m sure I would get the same responce. Thanks for thinking of us and asking anyway!

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