They may or may not take Homeslice away from us today

Yesterday, in our hungover stupor, we noticed that Homeslice had climbed into the laundry basket.  It was so adorable, and while we were standing there going “look how cute!”  the basket flipped over and she landed right on her face.

Not. cute.

And there was blood and crying and drama and now she has a super fat lip.

And a pediatrician appointment this morning.

There’s a bruise on her leg I cannot explain, she’s got scratches all over her from scratching her itchy eczema, and she had a slight fever last night before bed.

Basically, Homeslice is a hot mess and it looks like we keep her in a bramble patch down by the river.

Also, it’s Girlfriend’s last day of preschool today.  I can’t really think about it without crying, and I have pictures from graduation that I can’t show you yet but I will just as soon as they become available.

For now, I have to go do workouts before these bitches wake the fuck up and demand I take care of them, which I’m not that good at as it turns out.

I gained 5lbs last week!  You have to work pretty hard to gain 5 lbs in a week.

Woot! Woot! I RULE!

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  1. 5 lb in a week? Hell I gained 5 one night at dinner at the Colonnade in Atlanta. Southrin cookin’ can do that to you. It’s probably the salt. Ya, the salt, that’s gotta be it.

    We hope that Homeslice is OK, and the doc appointment ain’t a great ordeal.

  2. We went to the Dairy festival in town this past Saturday. I put Emily in a stroller (it’s still to big for her) so she could go to sleep and Hayley and I could watch the parade. After everything was over we started to leave. I forgot to make sure she was buckled in and after a minute, she started to slip out through the leg hole. Fortunately, my husband saw and caught her just in time. Hayley started crying and yelling at me for almost killing Emily. We should start a Mothers of the Year club.

  3. The first time I babysat my niece she fell off of the bed and headfirst into a laundry basket. I felt like the worst aunt ever, but she turned out all right. Mostly.

    Perhaps you can disguise Homeslice’s injuries by letting her go crazy on her self with some magic markers?
    .-= saratogajean’s last blog post… She’s baaack! =-.

  4. Homeslice is a bad ass. That’s all the pediatrician needs to know. And Girlfriend will RULE kindergarten. You know she’ll love it. All that bossing people around and getting the boys to carry her backpack.
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Blogger Was Broken =-.

  5. Like CortGirl, I’ve gone off with the baby unlatched – but it was in the car. Yup, I forgot to latch her into the car seat. Wish I could say this only happened once.

  6. i nearly sent my dad to jail when i was about 4 because i’d ended up in the emergency room something like 3x in 6 months, and the final time the dr was like “alice, how did you hurt your arm?” and my dad goes “oh, she fell off th–” and the dr cut him off and said “no, i asked ALICE,” and turned back to me.

    so i go, “um…. i fell off the bed… uh… RIGHT DAD?” which is apparently The Way You Know if a kid is being abused. awesome! i’m such a good kid.
    .-= Alice’s last blog post… hello! i suck at health. =-.

  7. I’ve been told that the doctor’s look at lack of bruising as well as bruising. A healthy independant child should naturally have bumps and bruises gained through the course of play. If your child isn’t playing, do you have them locked up in their room bored?
    .-= DarkTouch’s last blog post… Strego for ICONS =-.

  8. Did you hear Jillian is getting her own show, Crissy? Not to totally waylay your comments here, but I just heard it on the radio….

  9. Yeah, most of us survived the lack of car seats, right? Those things weren’t even invented until I was too old for them.

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