Negative in the cooperation department this morning

Thank goodness it’s a Toy with Me day today because this mommy blogger’s kids are preventing her from mommy blogging today.

Fucking selfish children, I tell you.

At this very moment, Homeslice is bucking and screaming in her high chair and actually moving it across the room, and Girlfriend is whining because her waffles aren’t warm enough. She likes them warm, but not too warm, you know.

So yes.

I have to go stop the screaming and the bucking and the whining.

Where did I put that bottle of Xanax?

Now go read about The Vagina Gentrification Project

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  1. You should hook up a speaker and broadcast that noise to the neighbors with the nasty dog that craps in your yard. Toy With Me day??? or is the regular guy over there still on vacation so we have to wait until Friday? I will go check.

  2. Um, I have a bottle…however, right now, I won’t share. Won’t/Can’t whatever……….go read. We are MOVING!!!!


  3. I really like the glitter idea. The video didn’t comment on calories or cholesterol content though. One of the sites you linked to was interesting, with good information like ‘In the 1950s and before, things were much better on campuses nationwide. At that point in time, women were still more inclined to stay at home and raise a family, as nature intended.’
    Are you raising your family as nature intended? (looks like a good family to me)
    .-= joeinvegas’s last blog post… Monday videos – the 80’s =-.

  4. As I type, mine is in his room yelling, ” Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy…” You get the idea. Intermittently paused for a verse or two of song. There’s no napping, today.
    .-= carrie meadows’s last blog post… Survival Of the Fittest =-.

  5. There was a meltdown of four year old proportions in the van on the way home from the beach. And since Cowgirl is very, very pregnant at the moment, she was just about to pull over to the side of the road and possibly eat her young. Me? I just climb in the backseat and scream louder than she does. Works everytime.She’s totally impressed by my ability to out-scream her that she stops and laughs. Hahahaha! I’d make a horrible parent.
    .-= k8’s last blog post… The Rock =-.

  6. Save this post. When you have two teenagers PMSing, you can look back and laugh and laugh (and have another drink) and laugh.

    And K8… sounds like awesome parenting to me. (But, yeah, my views on parenting are seriously flawed)
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Hey, Jealousy… =-.

  7. @Susan…love the broadcast idea. Brilliant…seriously BRILLIANT!!!

    I did laugh out loud cuz my daughter likes her waffles “soft.” which means don’t fuckin’ get distracted by your morning bloody mary (whoops, I mean coffee) and burn them in the toaster!!!

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