And the lucky winner is…


This is genius! to send to her friend.

So, Congrats Tiffany!  Email me your email and I’ll email you the $25 gift card after the Noble Works Cards people email it to me!

Runners up who get absolutely nothing besides a special mention from the Queen are…

CortGirl with this one because she has a new baby and she pretty much hates everyone right now.   I think I need to order a case of them to keep in my car to hand out to people.

Kate!  With this one because I like wine.

The Other Melissa with this one because I feel like that’s me.

CuppyCakes picked this one that I totally love!  I feel like that’s me, too.  Especially after the card The Other Melissa picked out.

Melissa’s family sounds awesome and I want somebody to make me a cake that says “here’s your fucking cake” on it.  I love the card she picked out, too.  Seriously, somebody needs to send me that cake.  My birthday is in almost a month.  Make that shit happen.

And so yes.  You guys are awesome for participating!  Don’t let it ruin your Monday if I didn’t mention your card here!  I loved them all, but Homeslice just woke up and I have to run.  Blame her.  She’s a Monday ruiner for sure.

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  1. What- Don’t I deserve a dishonourable mention for the lame posting of a link to Rockshots? An insult, I say.

  2. Crissy- I’m a WTF kinda guy… what can I say? The local naughty shop that featured that line of “greeting” cards is gone but not forgotten. I always thought of it as an alternative library.

    Pimp- Thanks for the mention

  3. Congrats to Tiffany! And YAY for Crissy mentioning me in her post. How awesome is that? Totally makes this ass-sucking Monday a little better. I’m still going to order a fuck-ton of those cards to keep with me at all times. I’m even going to pre-sign them. (Why all the cuss words? It’s Monday, Mondays fucking suck.)

  4. can i tell you how much i want to make a cake for my husband & write “here’s your fucking cake” on it???

    yeah, but unfortunately my son can read now & my birthday is next, so i’m going to keep that little gem to myself for awhile.
    .-= justme’s last blog post… B’s cat story – pt II =-.

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