Some days I wonder why I don’t just run away forever

I try pretty hard to take care of everybody around here, Queefies.

I wake up in the morning with an overwhelming list of things to do and NONE of them are for myself.  My life, my entire existence, revolves around taking care of my family and making sure everyone has what they need. I literally have zero time to myself.  Even when I’m exercising, I have to pause the DVD about 6 times in 20 minutes (I counted) to tend to somebody, but I do it because it’s all that stands between me and a blaze of glory.  My husband has time to read, and participate in message boards, and play video games, and take pictures of everything, but I’m wearing three- week- old toe nail polish.  I’ve been trying to find time to at least take it off for two weeks, but I just don’t have it.  I look down at my feet and I just want to cry.

But you know, I take care of them all because I love them so much.  I want them to be happy and well cared for.  I married this man, and I made these children.  It’s my job to love them and care for them.

What breaks my heart is that on most days, they hate me. I have this beautiful family that I love so much, but I’m the loneliest person in the world sometimes.

Take this morning, for example. Mister hates me for wanting to strip our bed so we can hang our sheets out to dry before it rains for the next 3 days.  There’s something wrong with me for wanting to do this.

Girlfriend hates me for refusing to let her wear a dress that’s two sizes too small to school. Later, she’ll hate me for brushing her hair and for making her breakfast, and for asking her to brush her teeth and put her shoes on.

On most days, I end up crying out of utter frustration because everything I do is a battle.

I remember my mother going through this same thing every day.  I remember her crying her heart out in her room and I vowed never to be like her and now I am.  I am just like my mother.

I’m the bitch in the house.

Is this what it’s about?  Is this what motherhood is?

Am I doing it wrong?

I didn’t think it would be like this.

I thought that if I tried my hardest every day and took very good care of everyone, we’d all be happy.

But instead, Mommy is a bad person who makes us brush our teeth and sleep on clean sheets.  We should yell at her and tell her to go away and tell her she’s crazy and tell her we hate her and we don’t want her.

I think I need to go away for a while and let them fend for themselves.

And right now, Homeslice is cruising around the play room pointing to things and asking “wassis?”  She came across one of Girlfriend’s dolls sitting in a little shopping cart and I told her “it’s a baby.”  She picked it up and snuggled it and said something that sounded very much like “mother.”

How fucking cute is that?

This is why I do it, I guess. It’s because of moments like that that I stick around and keep trying.

This motherhood thing is quite a ride, you guys.

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  1. Aw, Crissy. I’m a long-time reader, first-time poster- you make me laugh my butt off with every post. I’m a working mum of a 17-month-old who finds her days usually go by just like yours. But when I feel like crap I think about it like this- I can remember hating my own mother for all the same reasons, but now that I’m all grown up I know I never did really hate her. I just hated what she was asking me to do, and sadly she was always the authority figure who had to tell me to do the things I didn’t want.

    Now that I’m in the same position, I know I’m the one who’s teaching my kid that there really is order in this fucked up world- one day when everything feels out of control in her life, she’ll still have an underlying sense of security that everything will be okay in the end, and it’s going to come from the fact that her mother always had an answer. It might not have been the right one, but hell, it was a damn good try. She’ll know that things happen for a reason.

    This may be hard to believe when you have small people (or big ones) screaming at you because you just washed the exact pair of pants they wanted to wear RIGHT NOW or that kind of crap, but trust me. I’m convinced it’s true.

    Hugs to you!

  2. let’s get one thing straight…

    i have nothing against sleeping on clean sheets.

    in fact, i was the one who washed them, dried them, and made the bed.. SATURDAY afternoon before i went back into work.

    that’s 5 days ago. no muddy dogs, no snail trails, no sour milk vomit, no spilled chocolate milk stains.

    when i have 3 minutes before i walk out the door and i’m looking at stripping a still pretty damned clean bed so that i can get it started in the washer so that you can spend the rest of the morning dragging it all outside and hanging it on the line, it makes me wonder if it is worth it.

    i didn’t appreciate being shouted at like i’m ALWAYS a hindrance just because i questioned the NECESSITY of rewashing 5 day-old sheets.

  3. Sounds like momma needs some me-time. How are you supposed to take care of everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself. Not to be harsh, but if you keep going at this pace, you’re going to enter Martyrdom….and it sounds like that ‘s the last thing you want.

    Consider yourself the pitcher of water that nourishes your family. How on earth can you nourish them if your pitcher is full?

    Take some time EVERY DAY to do something for yourself. Then maybe once a year or so go away alone or with a girlfriend. I promise your whole view of Motherhood will change. If you know you deserve it, that energy will come out of you and your family will treat you differently.

    I speak from experience.

    I hope this wasn’t too harsh, read my blog and you’ll see this mouth of mine has a mind of it’s own….but everything I say, I say from the heart and my intentions are for the best.

    Best of luck.

    p.s. I fucking love your blog : ) it rocks my days.
    .-= inannasstar’s last blog post… Thankful Thursdays – Strength =-.

  4. The point, dear husband, is that everyone always questions the necessity of just about every thing I try to do. I’m always the bitch. I’m always the crazy one. I’m always the one with OCD.

  5. Hey sweetie. You’re doing it right if everyone hates you. You know that deep down. And if homeslice picked up a baby and started to snuggle it and say mother? Then THAT’S what she thinks of when she thinks of you. Snuggling and loving and momma. See?

    I know it’s no picnic. And I know you envy me of my swing and tea and books time. But it’s pretty damn lonely most of the time. I envy you, doll. God, we’re sick. I want the chaos and would probably start drinking again if I had it. Sigh.

    Hang in there, babe.
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Land Of The Living =-.

  6. Hey. I was not a happy mother of toddlers. I didn’t realize it until my kids were tweens. Really. It’s a terrible thing to admit! You LOVE and ADORE these children of yours, but it’s effing HARD to do EVERY. SINGLE. THING for them. To not be able to pee, or eat, or sleep, or watch tv without “mommy….mommy….mommy”.

    These difficult times do give way to more peaceful times. Quiet times when the wee ones are doing homework (or drugs) and off with their friends to the movies and Sonic (or the crack house)…….THEN you look around your house and start shouting ‘why don’t you spend MORE time with me? huh? I’m your MOTHER….I miss you!!” And they still shout at you and still tell you you are lame and still go to the movies (crackhouse) and Sonic (parking).

    But then there are those quiet moments when your kid does something GOOD and RIGHT or as a young adult they NEED you when you can look back and know you were right all along.

    time moves swiftly…..and before you know it, your kid will be 20 (gasp). You will still feel 25 in your heart and brain, but your kid is NEARLY the same age! Holy Hell!

    I am not a good housekeeper. Never have been, never will. There are worse things to happen in life than to leave dirty dishes or toys all over or sheets that need to be washed. Sometimes you need to just leave the grind and sit back and WATCH Oprah and feed your kid cookies to keep them quiet.

    It’s OKAY to miss a toilet cleaning or toothpaste glob wiping. it will ALL be there tomorrow. The work involved will be minimal because you have to do it ANYWAY, so what’s a little extra?

    It’ all worthwhile. Despite the ‘teen’ years and the worries that accompany that, I am happier and more relaxed NOW than I ever was.

    All the advice in the world probably won’t help the crisis mode you are in at this very moment. I get that. But hold on. it gets better.

    xxoo hang in there, kiddo.

  7. Crissy, I could have written this word-for-word – just without the second child. Hang in there. I’m hoping it gets better.

  8. Aw, I definitely feel you there. I have a four year old son who is frequently “all out of hugs” and refuses to tell me that he loves me. Well, other than those times where I refuse to get him his 60th drink of the day before noon unless he says “I love you, Mommy. You’re the best mommy in the whole world” and I have to make him repeat it because he replaced “Mommy” with “poop”. Both times. And wiping up that toothpaste? Yeah, it doesn’t get me anymore hugs.
    .-= Kim’s last blog post… =-.

  9. I love how you wrote this post. Good Job. That is what I would like to hear myself sometimes. Just a recognition for all of the things both big and little that you do in running a house and family. Mother’s day doesn’t cut it. I know exactly what you mean about time and husbands. My DH seems to think that everything related to the house and kids is my job since I stay home, and that it is easy. He gets mad and we get in fights if I ever complain or make a negative coment. At least Ken recognizes that what you do is trying. I also admire that you youself are seeing the positives in homeslice. I need to get there. I am all up for a girlfriend weekend. I can get a discount on a hotel.

  10. Crissy! You are awesome. You are awesome. You are awesome.

    And even though kids can be bratty (God knows I was) and tell you they hate you – they don’t. I know you already know that, but it doesn’t make it any easier to hear.

    My 28 year old self wants to slap my 8 year old self when I remember the shit I put my mom through. She is my best friend and I couldn’t make it through a single day without at least one phone call or email from her.
    .-= saratogajean’s last blog post… She’s got mad moves, yo. =-.

  11. I am seriously in the same place you are. I am desperately looking for ways not to be that crying, bitchy mom. I used to be nice. I used to not fly off the handle with my emotions. It sounds simple to just stop – but it isn’t. I have had enough of the little fights everyday, for STUPID things. My fuse has been shortened to 1 fucking second, and I all think afterwards is that it is NOT supposed to be like this.

    Work should be an escape, but it isn’t. I feel guilty that my sitter can have her three girls and my two monkey boys and still function like a normal human being and not yell – at all….maybe I should ask her what she takes….

    I think there needs to be a mental health week/month at a tropical destination with fruity drinks and an ocean view for all moms who feel under-appreciated, who do too much for people who don’t realize it. Because, I swear – if my dear husband (whom I love) tells me that since he did one load of dishes one day that he ‘helped’ out – I may have to find a location for a body.

  12. Oh God do I relate to this!! Literally two days ago I said out loud in my house “I’m getting on a plane and going SOMEWHERE”. Nobody cared.

  13. I feel like I wrote this post. Motherhood is so so hard, but so so worth it, as you well know. You just need to claim time for yourself. I am pretty sure what you’re feeling is big-time stress and lack of some down-time. And, this took me a long time to realize and accept, but you have to just let things not get done. My house is a mess most of the time, and I can now just accept it as the way it is, I’m doing the best I can, and life goes on.

    Take care of yourself, Crissy. If you’re not happy, no one will be (just like they tell you on airplanes with the oxygen mask — put it on your own face first and then on your child’s).

    And remember to breathe.

    Thinking of you…
    .-= Mary @ Holy Mackerel’s last blog post… I was a beautiful ninja, but only in my mind =-.

  14. This is obviously not the time for anyone with dangly bits to be near this site, so thank you to all you mothers and wives. See you in 2 – 7 days.

  15. Ken, You know I lurve you and I want to live in your basement, BUT SHUT IT.

    Crissy, I’m so sorry. So very sorry. There’s something wrong that all the moms posting comments have said and thought these exact same things. We are not meant to be super-women. But there’s no shaking the desire to do everything. I think Shelly’s right — it gets better when they’re a bit more independent.

    Also, sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom.
    .-= Melissa Lion’s last blog post… Cody Rivers! =-.

  16. WHY do husbands have to fight about clean sheets?? We have a dryer and I already have them clean and dry and my husband still has a bitch fit about helping me change them EVERY time. My four year old had such a tantrum last night about going to a field trip on a bus (she is scared of them) that I had to let her stay home to make her stop screaming. I feel like everyone in this fucking house hates me. Maybe all of us moms should run away for a week and see what the hell they do without us. Never mind then we would just have to come back and do everything that wasn’t done while we were gone. My dad recently was telling me that my mom yelled at me all the time thinking he could turn me against her (she is dead and that is low) and I said to my nevercussedsmokeddrankoranythingwrong dad “I DON’T FUCKING BLAME HER!”. I love this blog. I can say what I want. lol

  17. loving and caring for others can feel thankless but it’s THE most important job in the world. we raise our children so they can raise theirs and so on, so that we continue this beautiful thing called the human race. (not a pro-life or religous statement in the least, just found something really meaningful in being a mom, which is hard to do with a lot of things.)

    now put your foot down, take a salon day with a BF, get a mani/pedi, facial, and massage. and consider it your thanks.
    .-= pattypunker’s last blog post… pause before you play, my ass =-.

  18. If you are feeling overwhelmed (which, I think, you are) then – whether it is justified or not, it should be addressed.

    Maybe you are a bit compulsive. Maybe you don’t get enough help. Maybe.

    For sure, though, you and Mr. Pimp need to have a heart-to-heart. You can share your feelings of being overwhelmed, having no time for yourself – without being judged. Mr. Pimp gets to pay attention and really listen. He also gets to offer give you a break. This isn’t about how much work either of you do around the house, in raising the kids, or in making money. This is about how you are in over your head at the moment.

    A lot of what was said in comments above about you needing some time off just for you is valid. Everyone needs some me-time. Whether it is to paint your toenails or go shopping w/o kinder, or watch trash tv without interruptions, or to watch Mr. Pimp wrestle the kids instead of you. Whatever.

    Remember, this isn’t about how much either of you do at home or at work – it isn’t a contest. It is about how you are FEELING about it right now.

  19. I love you guys.

    Most days you can roll with it, but some days, you’ve just heard your last “I hate you!” and you’ve had your last argument over some stupid, stupid household task and it’s just like UGH! I’m running away forever! I feel so much better that we can all talk about it like this. It’s a safe place to admit that this is a total shitshow sometimes. I’m glad I don’t have one of those blogs where people will come and judge me for admitting that motherhood sucks. I love that we’re all supportive of one another.

    It’s not that Pimp doesn’t help out or try to understand where I’m coming from. He does. We’re both overwhelmed and stressed out and pulled in 100 directions.

  20. I’m pretty sure there’s written code in your marriage vows that state that Mister is supposed to kick in an hour (maybe even two or three) a day where he watches, plays with and even removes the kids from the house so the Queen gets her beauty and sanity time. Of course, this code can be modified as needed, but I’m pretty sure he agreed to it, so he has to. Be good to you.

  21. Bob said it perfectly. It isn’t a contest. You should really address the issues now, because if you don’t things will only get worse. Been there done that. I am also in the middle of a divorce because we didn’t deal with issues. Your feelings are valid and you need to be heard. Hang in there you two and work on this together.

  22. Oh my God! I just wrote a post about how I quit my job, my job being motherhood. But I know that you can’t really quit. And plus, would anyone notice anyway? Probably not. My oldest is a bit younger than yours, so she doesn’t quite know how to tell me that she hates me. But she rolls her eyes at me all the time and never does anything until I ask like 7 times. And my youngest is 16 months old and he mimics everything sister does, so I’m sure the eye rolling is soon to follow. I try to get out and exercise an hour a day. And the days I don’t, I’m a really mean mommy.
    I hope you find some time for yourself, or a faraway island we can all retreat to on the weekends (though if we leave our men in charge we’ll be spending all week undoing the things that occur when we’re gone).

  23. i know i havent commented here in a while, but im still reading! i read all the time.

    and i dont have children, so i can’t say “i so relate!”… but what im hearing is that you’re overwhelmed and at the end of your rope, and who CAN’T get that? you deserve some me time, some time to do your own thing, clear your mind a bit. i know that when im feeling nutty and overwhelmed, time away from things for a bit usually helps to gain a bit of prespective.

    thinking of you.

  24. I swear my mother-in-law and I just had this conversation YESTERDAY. And it’s her son who I married and who doesn’t help, but says he does because he feeds the animals. Never mind that we have magical drawers and cabinets that always have clean clothes and dishes in them, or that the bills get paid magically each week, or that the tubs are self-cleaning, or or or . I just get told that I should take time out for myself. Or he makes a schedule for me to exercise because he’s helping me – like who’s going to watch the baby so I can work out? I watch her when he does…..

    Anyway, whatever. I thought it would be different too. I was wrong. I love my baby and am scared of when she can talk and tell me she hates me. But for now, I will take her smiles as thanks and just pretend she will appreciate me being supermom.

  25. PS I meant to say my MIL agreed with me about my husband. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that little tidbit…

  26. I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said, but I certainly feel your frustration.

    Once I pretend packed my suitcase and told them all I was leaving … walked out to the garage and left them all crying in the window. It did absolutely no good tho hahaha.

    Now my husband stays at home with them and I go to work.

    Hang in there .. both of you … it does get better!!

  27. Yep it sucks most of the time. That’s why I go on a lot of little mommy vacations. Usually I end up killing myself trying to clean everything up before I leave but it’s so worth it to get away and be a person for awhile!
    .-= Mom Taxi Julie’s last blog post… Easter Catch Up =-.

  28. It’s time for Mister to give you a damn break and watch the kids and let you fly out to Chicago. Shit I’ll come pick you up in the RV and will go somewhere. Time for him to realize what you do on a daily basis. I DEMAND IT!!!!!!

  29. Honey, this is the description of my day. (I have three boys and a husband) They’ll hate you for being an overachiever, but they’ll bitch when they can’t find clean socks in their drawer. I don’t get it! A little appreciation goes a long way.

    Sounds like you need a break. NOW.
    .-= Summer’s last blog post… I Write Letters. It’s Therapeutic. =-.

  30. When hubby comes home I think you need to pull him aside and ask him to put down the games and camera and take care of things for an hour so you can have ‘me’ time.

    Go hide in your room, shut the door and take care of those ghetto nails!
    .-= Daniel’s last blog post… Meet Mister Stink =-.

  31. ok, despite the plea from my dear friend melissa lion to keep my mouth shut, i can hold my tongue no longer as i get (what i feel to be) unfairly characterized.

    it would be fun (not to mention, easy) to think of me as a (sadly) typical male, with nothing more than 50’s dad roles to fulfill.

    i do bring home the bacon.

    however, three days a week i have my two wonderful daughters all afternoon, from 1 to 8pm. i do this because my wife has to work, for reasons both mental and monetary, and my job affords me the flexibility to make this happen without having to shell out $$$ for child care.

    during this time, i am mr. mom. unlike many of my peers, i DO know what it is like to COMPLETELY care for my two children. it’s just me, and them.

    while i am caring for my two children, i ALSO do the laundry, and dishes.

    when i say “do laundry,” that means i take it from the bedrooms, i put it in baskets, i bring it to the basement, i put it in the washer, i move it to the dryer, i drag it back upstairs to the bedroom, i sort it, i fold it, i bring it to the bedrooms. i do NOT put it back in the drawers because i can never figure out what goes where. i put my own clothes back where they belong.

    when i do dishes, that means they’re DONE, back in the cabinets.

    on the three afternoons i am home i do these things. i don’t kill myself trying to do it ALL every day–if clothes sit in the washer overnight, so be it. the point is, shit gets done.

    i also bathe and moisturize and get my kids in pjs and comb hair and sometimes braid hair by the time my wife walks in the door, understandably exhausted, at 8:15pm.

    we’ve BOTH been up since 5am at this point. we’ve BOTH been watching two kids all day long. it’s not easy for either one of us.

    my elder daughter loves watching me play zelda, twilight princess, on the wii. she loves it because link has a horse, AND link turns into a wolf. girlfriend is ALL ABOUT dogs and horses. she asks me constantly to “play the horse game!”

    my younger daughter will only sleep in MY arms–she does not like to sleep in my wife’s. who knows why; it is what it is, and it has pretty much always been like that. when you have someone asleep in your arms, you have limited ability to do stuff. if you try to put her down somewhere, she’ll generally wake up. she likes to nap for an hour sometime around 3-5pm every day. as a result i will position myself in the dark basement, front of the tv, with a phone, a drink, the wiimote, and the tv remote, and she will nap in my arms as i play some video games and/or read the news.

    let’s be clear: i am NOT the guy who sits and plays video games while my wife works her ass off making me dinner, washing and ironing my shirts, and juggling two kids. in fact, the ONLY time i am by myself while gaming is ~10-12 at night when everyone else is fast asleep.

    i have never had an issue with doing ANY task that i would have to do if i lived alone. i know where the stash of toilet paper and paper towels are in the house. i know where items are located in the grocery store. i know how to cook dinner. i know how to wash clothes. i send out all the bills every month. i know how to change diapers, administer children’s tylenol, and clean up poop.

    yes, i take a lot of pictures, 750/month average. almost all of the pictures i take are of my family, because 1) i love them, and 2) i can have a camera in my hand AND watch/take care of/spend time with them. this is not a case of me out in my garage studio taking nudie pics of random craigslist models (not that there’s anything wrong with that). every once in a great while my eldest daughter will roll her eyes and ask me to put the camera down, but BOTH kids love chimping shots of themselves and are very comfortable having a camera around constantly. i don’t post-process pictures at home any more.

    i don’t want a medal, i don’t even want a pat on the back. i am just being a father to my children and pitching in my fair share of the household work. as it should be.

    what i DO want is for people to recognize that it IS possible for a woman and mother to be stressed out/strung out and have it NOT be her husband’s fault.

  32. Kudos, Pimp.

    I, too, have a husband that does his fair share and more. However, it certainly doesn’t mean either of us ‘does it all’. I have my talents, he has his.

    I’d like to point out that he does ALL the outside work since I’m a pussy and HATE all things outdoors.

    The downside to having such a fab guy, is that all the ‘others’ in the world (family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and any other random people who make my life their business) think that I must be married to a saint. A saint that does floors, dishes and handles ALL vomit issues.

    I take offense to that. SERIOUS, PMS WORTHY OFFENSE to that. Yes he’s great. But in my humble opinion, ALL husbands should be like that. People are married to compliment one another, not to have one captive to housework whilst the other golfs and yukks it up with the cronies. But then again, That sounds judgemental.

    Who gives a flying fig WHO cleans the poo, or cooks marvelous food, or cuts the grass, or bathes the dog, or quickly shuts the bedroom door as the kid is vomiting into a trash can after too much Coconut Rum after prom? IT ALL HAS TO BE DONE!!! AND AS PARENTS WE JUST TO IT (insert swoosh here).

    Why am I stressed over my potentially drug using kid? Why do I sit on my ASS AND WATCH AMERICAN IDOL AND GHOST HUNTERS and drink wine instead of cleaning? BECAUSE I CAN. And because I can count on my husband to know that I just can’t deal with life another minute.

    So, Crissy, your stress is normal. it is fine. Pimp, I am sure, feels the same pressure. WE all do.

    So everyone who is a parent? GOOD JOB. for those who judge a family and how they operate….BOOOOO.

    Let Crissy have a bad day/week/month/year. She CAN. Let Pimp off the hook. Don’t villify or declare sainthood on anyone until you see how it works inside!

    Now with that said….Pimp… just may BE your fault. For no other reason because she’s the WIFE. And I said so. 🙂

    Debate over. Pimp’s good, Crissy is upset and right now they could use a virtual group hug.

  33. Dude. Like I said. This isn’t about you. I don’t doubt for a minute that you do your part. Life, marriage, raising kids, keeping house. It isn’t a competition. Nor is it very fair. Today Crissy had had too much. I was just saying she deserved a little time off – and that you deserve to know that so that you can help her cope.

    You BOTH need (and deserve) to have me-time. Today she maybe needed it a bit more.

  34. Yes, they hate what you ask of them, not YOU.
    Yes, it is tough not to get hurt by their words.
    Yes, it feels like no one else gets that you just want the best for them.
    Yes, it seems that no one else feels the same and you feel alone in all this.
    No, you are not alone.

    Sometimes the best life lesson for our families is to let them fall on their face. Let your husband sleep in dirty sheets, tell him they’ll be no more sex, make up a bed on the floor, or better yet- take the credit card and go stay at a nice hotel until he gets his act together, $ ka-ching! $ When your daughter tells you she doesn’t want to brush her teeth, tell her her breath stinks and you’ll be making a dentist appointment to have her teeth removed.

    One day they’ll appreciate you, hang in there. And if they don’t? Tell them “It’s been swell, but go to hell!”

  35. Oh man Mister I wasn’t saying you’re a bad guy. I just want everybody to kiss and makeup and work crap out. We love you and Crissy and the childrens. Group hug all the way around.

  36. Crissy, I totally “get ” this. And Mister, I never for a minute thought that this meant that you weren’t doing your share… And I completely agree that one spouse or the other can be COMPLETELY overwhelmed even if the other half is doing their share.

    My situation totally broke me. I honestly got to the point where I believed with every fiber of my being that if I didn’t leave, I was going to end up in an institution.

    So, I left. And that had its own devastation. I honestly believe I wouldn’t be around to be writing this today if I hadn’t done it, though. Which isn’t to say that I recommend what I did to anyone.

    My personal two cents is that maybe you need to hire a sitter and go out for date night. Or maybe enlist grandparents for an overnight away from the kids. I KNOW you love them, but there is a point at which if you don’t take a break, you’ll be broken beyond repair.

    Love to you both.
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Less Stressed Wednesday =-.

  37. My ex used to do MOST of the housework, we had no kids and I still got stressed.

    So I think it’s totally normal to feel nervous-breakdowny every once in a while. Your kids DO love you, but man it’s hard being 5.

    Virtual hug?
    .-= Ask Alice’s last blog post… Blog Swap! =-.

  38. nice how quickly any viewpoint i may have is dismissed out of hand because i cannot lactate.

    i could just as quickly retort with a myriad of things i do that my wife cannot, but it’s not a competition.

    not for me at least.

  39. I think that Crissy and her other Mummy friends (I spell it with a ‘U’ because I am Australian), should leave the kiddies at home for a weekend and all book into a spa. For weekend. A whole weekend.
    My sister has two kids, 4 and 2, and she never does anything for herself. She’s starting her own cake-decorating empire while she’s doing it. She literally NEVER takes time just for her. We can all see her stressing, and getting even more lonely as time goes on, much like you said. She won’t take time for herself though, because she did so much with the kids when they were younger that neither of them want much, if anything, to do with their father, so she does everything. Literally Everything.

    I think you should take a couple of days, none of this ‘few hours’ minimalist stuff, a few DAYS and go with a few friends somewhere where you can have the shit spoiled out of you. We all know you deserve it.
    .-= CuppyCakes’s last blog post… My Best Friend’s Wedding =-.

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