Today is one of those days where you wander around trying to figure out what the hell you were doing

Hey Queefies!

I didn’t forget about you guys!  My new purse came in and I’ve been busy taking her out to all my favorite places and showing her the ropes a little bit.

I’ve been awake since 1:00 this morning WELCOME TO MY ANXIETY DISORDER and so I’m slightly…how you say…   Fucked up?

And so, I’m sending you guys over to my bff Rachel’s brandy new blog.

She’s funny.

You’ll love her.

Go see.


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  1. It’s been 19 years since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I was only 20. I’ve had many anxiety attacks since then. I swear Lamaze class was the best class I ever took. Learning how to relax and breath was the best street smarts I ever learned.

  2. A shot of vodka will help with the anxiety in the middle of the night. Trust me.

    Well, don’t. I mean, I’m a hard core alcoholic.

    Or I used to be.

    Forget I said anything.
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Trash =-.

  3. I’m not stranger to insomnia OR anxiety. Acupuncture helped a lot with the insomnia… took a lot of treatment, but I wouldn’t want to go down the roads that others were suggesting…..anti-depressants and such. Consider it, because it’s a treatment that is low-tech, low cost, and never does any longterm harm.

  4. I agree with Rebecca, the stress will magically be taken away while you take pictures of your purse meeting, greeting and doing the nasty out on the streets. It will give you something else to concentrate on. Life in general sucks. Have fun with the purse.

  5. Anxiety effing sucks. IT SUCKS.

    I went to Mister’s page for a while today, and man do I wish I had your boobs. TMI? oh well…….another thing to add to my anxiety.

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