Ladybug Karma

Quick update on the Karma situation:

Yesterday the basement flooded, Homeslice was a crankasaurus, Mister was in a shitty mood, Girlfriend followed me around demanding cookies, a show we bought tickets to was switched to a different performer–no refunds (fucking Ticketmaster cunts), Big Pussy ate my new favorite plant that I bought at the flower show and barfed it all over my dining room table, Alice fished a coffee filter out of my compost bucket and ran around with a diarrhea coffee buzz like you read about, BUT it was raining like a sonofabitch so she refused to go out which means she had diarrhea anyone? anyone? all over the house, AND I came down with a cold and a wicked sore throat. I can take anything, but a sore throat really pisses me off.

So yes. The universe pretty much shat on my head.

Don’t kill ladybugs. Roger that.

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  1. All over ladybugs? Wow. As for Alice, I would have kicked her diarrhea but outside anyway. But my little Rusty doesn’t like getting wet either so I would have felt like shit and just thrown a diaper on him.

    In other news I almost named my daughter Rhea but I was convinced they would call her diarrhea in school.

  2. That does sound like a really awful day. I would have put the kids to bed and drowned my sorrows in a tub filled with Baby vapor bath( the Johnson and Johnson is GREAT) for the cold and a bottle of wine for my mind.

  3. Holey guacamole! Mother Nature sure deals with you quickly and harshly! Couple days ago I was bumming ’cause we live so far away………today, I’m thankful!!

    Nice to see from Pimp’s comments that there have been some perks. Tic-tacs help sore throats….although I thought I read somewhere that semen helps too!??!

    Get well Queen and Pimp!!

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