Ghost Riders(s) -OR- I’m like 99% sure David and my dead grandmother have been driving around smoking pot in my car.

The Ghosts of David and Grandmother Helen strike again!

Yesterday, when I got into my car to start it, the radio came on. I hadn’t put the key in yet, leading me to believe that David and my Grandmother Helen have been out cruising in my car, and they forgot to turn the radio off. I’m like 99% sure I hadn’t had the radio on when I put it into the garage, because it is impossible for me to pull the car in with music playing. I must have silence to concentrate or I’m gonna either take a mirror off or smash into my lawn chairs.

I’m cool with them borrowing my car. I’d rather have them out speeding around than sitting in my bedroom watching me do naughty things that make me die a little bit inside with Mister so I can get me a new ride.

Also, it smelled like pot. But then again, that could have been from…well, never mind.


In other news, I’m coming down with a cold, and I had a story to tell you, but I fucking forgot what it was.

PS: Happy Valentines Day Queefies! We’re doing absolutely nothing. I’ll be lucky if Mister picks up a card, but this morning, he told me I “don’t look like a pile of dog shit.” That’s pretty much as romantic as it gets around here, so I guess that was Valentines Day. Ta-Da!!!!

PSS: I think I’m going to have to demand an explanation for this:

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  1. LMAO at Tess’s comment. Yeah, what she said Ben. Personally, I’m concerned about the shoes. Or maybe he lived in that building burning behind him and those were the first things he found to wear as he went running out.

  2. From the helmet the guy’s wearing, he obviously missed the short bus and has to walk to school — through the gates of hell and apparently somewhere near a beach. I have no explanation for the shoes. None.
    .-= Dingo’s last blog post… Call Me Dingo Fierce =-.

  3. I think last night that Grandpa Charlie visited the kids, His visits are usually good, but last night, he must have scared them because I had to go into Joeys room to check on him and calm him down and then Isabella came into my room and I had to calm her down and take her back to her room after she settled down a bit………

    They used to not be afraid of Grandpa Charlie…hopefully when he visits next year on Feb 11, they won’t be afraid anymore.
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Million Dollar Idea =-.

  4. Oy vey! No… dog shit you are NOT my fair lady so shout out to CP for noticing…

    And hellooo it’s FASHION WEEK! Need I say more? Who doesn’t have dead sexy red foot wear and animal print cheek splitters aka thong th-thong thong thongs (sing it with me!).
    Headgear: Model’s own.
    .-= Candy Cane’s last blog post… Valentne Shmalentine =-.

  5. sugar, don’t you try and be all subliminal with me. i knew you were smoking hot without the cliched fire in the background or the red-striped tube sex. (i mean sox. wink wink.) but baby please return mama’s sushi canoes. she’s hosting a party this saturday and plans on filling them fish stick fingers.

  6. i was starting to feel i could end up being the only student whom cared about this, at least at this point i learn im not loony 🙂 i am going to be sure to find out more about various various other threads when i get a tad of caffeine in me, adios for now 🙂

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