Where the fuck is Mary Poppins when I need her?

Maybe I can write a blog post tomorrow.  Or later.  Or something.

I tried for like an hour to write one but it was full of suckage.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I find it hard to be cute on the Internet while Homeslice is all up in my grill and pulling out fistfulls of my hair and Girlfriend keeps interrupting me to say things like “mom, mommy, mama, ma, momma, momma, mommy, ma, ma, ma, mommy,mama,mom.”

What I’m trying to say is they’re  evil little children and they don’t care about my blog.

I find this unimaginable.

And so I wonder if either Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee would be willing to sort of, you know, come down here and kick some ass.  I mean seriously, how awesome would it be if Nanny McPhee showed up at my door in about five minutes with her mole and her cane and her awesome. I’d totally make out with her.

Yes I would.

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  1. It is 8:04am and you have written something in intelligible english. I think that is a major accomplishment. The fact that I spelled accomplishment right without spell check before 10am is all I can say for myself.

  2. You know that the Verizon people use overwrought moms for their campaigning–can you hear me now? how ’bout now? and now? what about now? now?

    if I want repetition, I’ll stick to my rich fantasy life, thanks.

  3. I’m sorry. If it’s any consolation, Cowgirl is snowed in with her three girls in the country and her husband just blew through the snow-blocked road with his truck and left her with a car that won’t get through it.

    It’s a nasty time of year to be a mommy.

  4. Its OK to take a break sometimes and catch your breath. I do not think that anyone who reads you regularly would ever be disappointed with you if you didn’t post your usual snark and fun. Be kind to yourself Kristen. Your audience loves you.

  5. Whilst in your Mummy trance, repeat softly to yourself and often,”these are the good old days. the good old days. the good old days. the good…………”.

    N Mc P is the bomb.

  6. Break out the wine and tune all of that “noise” out. But seriously, I think kids do this shit on purpose. They know it bothers us. After I decided to ignore my toddlers (now 13 and 15) mama, ma, mom shit, they soon stopped. So, ignore it. Guaranteed to work!
    .-= Kenya’s last blog post… Starting a New Week =-.

  7. I agree with Kenya. I learned after a while that I didn’t need to respond ALL the time. Drove my Hubs crazy…he thought they needed a response everytime they opened their mouths. I would ignore them and he would be like, “how can you ignore them?” And I’d say….EASY…if you want me as your wife and for all of us to continue to live!!

    Hang in there! The first lull is coming and then you have to start getting ready for the pre-teens!! 🙂

    I ran across this site the other day and I thought of you!! 😉


  8. You making out with Nanny McPhee! Yummy! What a wonderful fantasy. Oh wait! You said Nanny McPhee, not Katharine McPhee. Nevermind. My bad.

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