Somebody kill me. Please kill me.

Homeslice is in rare form today.  I might have to kill myself.  Please, Queefs.  Make the crying stop.  PLEASE!!!


The great news is that it’s a Toy With Me day today!  Woot! Woot!

Romance Novels Suck–I Want Real Smut!

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  1. One of my best friend’s has a 6 month old that’s been displaying some rare behavior too. We think it’s because she’s teething, but who knows.. sometimes I think she’s just expressing those pipes of hers.

    Either way — I feel for you. I hope things lighten up soon!

  2. I like the duct tape idea. Maybe use scotch though, it’ll come off easier and with less pain. Good luck, I have two and when they decide to go off at the same time I feel like the people from the movie Scanners.

  3. I’m quite sure it’s cold as whatever where you live but when my kids cry their heads off, I just put them in their room, shut the door and go outside with a nice cold Pepsi and a bag of Oreo’s or Doritos. Once I’m done adding fat to my hips, I go back inside and deal with the kids. . .The most beautiful part of this equation is that once I make it back in their room they are so stinking glad to see me that they forget what they were bawling about all morning long and have a better attitude.

    Good luck with your little girl today!

  4. This is why I don’t have the baby-type things around my house.

    I think maybe I should work on “Ether Wipes for Baby”… (aka “Mother’s Little Helper”)

    Hope things are better for you soon.

  5. Ohhh. Your baby girl’s got the teefths comin’ in? Bless her sweet little darlin’ heart.

    Stay strong Your Majesty and Sir Pimp. Just keep passing the 80 proof ’til it passes.

    And may it pass soon.

  6. You guys are great. Thank you. Five minutes after I wrote this “post” or whatever, the day got monumentally better.

    And yes. It’s the teeth. Two at once, right next to each other.

  7. Tylenol with codeine helps…the doc prescribed some for my daughter last time she had a bad chest infection…so anytime she’s overly crank, I help her out…I make sure to get her to think her head hurts first 🙂

  8. Hate teething. My 19 month old still doesn’t have her eye teeth, they come in NICE and SLOW dragging out the process even longer. Bah.
    Good luck

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