All about the Tee-Vee and how I know nothing about it except it makes me go night-nights

Mister and I watched American Idol last night. I don’t like American Idol. It’s boring. I know a lot of you guys are all about it, and I’m sorry but I just don’t care. I only like it when they’re doing the auditions because it’s just like freaks on parade and it makes me feel superior.

Victoria Beckham looks like a bobble head, yes? And I loved how she was trying really, really hard to be nice. That was cute.

Generally, I don’t like what’s on TV. Most of it’s total shit and I can’t even get into it. I do, however, enjoy what’s on tonight. I like that show about that family with the the gay guys and the hot Latina woman married to Al Bundy. What’s it called? I have no idea. Something Family…? And then there’s that other one with Patricia Heaton. I don’t know what that one’s called either. And then the one about the Cougar with Courtney Cox. She’s perfect for that show.

But I don’t even know what channel those shows are on or even if it’s really tonight or tomorrow. Do they still make Ugly Betty? Because I like her. When’s that on?

That’s how far I have my head up my ass.

I know, I know.

I need to take my television viewing more seriously. I need to take a lot of things more seriously. Oh, and I like Ghost Whisperer, too. That’s a good show. I love how when she’s translating what the dead people are saying to the living, she totally makes up her own shit. Why don’t the dead people ever get frustrated with her and go all “bitch, that’s not what I said at all!”

This post is making me go night-nights too, I think.

Sorry. Homeslice decided to be A Baby Who is AWAKE ALL NIGHT last night.  And right now she’s being A Baby Who is Trying to Eat My Arm.

Lucky for you, it’s a Toy With Me day today and you don’t have to stay here and watch me drool on myself anymore because I Have Invented the World’s Best Sex Toy.

PS: Speaking of Lucky and drool, I want this purse so bad it makes me hurt inside that we have to buy a new downstairs toilet instead.

The purse is prettier.  I’m considering trying to trick the people at Lucky Brand Jeans into giving me one.  Any ideas for a plan on how I can do that are welcome below.  My current plan to email them and be all “Hey! look over THERE!” and then somehow hack into the website and steal the purse probably won’t work.  I’m not that great with the computer.  Email still mystifies me sometimes.

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  1. I confess…I do like Idol, but not now….I mean some of the auditions are good, some are really sad, and some are just stupid.

    The MONTHS (it seems) of audition shows are hard, but….but….BUT….I watch it so I can be informed when the real meat and potatoes of Idol starts.

    Last year I was determined NOT to love Adam Lambert, and I failed miserably. Dude melts my heart. Yum.

    So, even though I root for the underdog usually, I also find myself loving someone I plan to hate.

    I, too, love Modern Family—-but I’m a total TV whore, so really, anything mildy interesting catches my attention.

  2. I haven’t watched one full season of American Idol. Or Dancing with the Stars. Or So You Think You Can Dance. I just don’t get those shows.

    But, I do like reality shows. Just not those.

    Modern Family. Hilarious. Cougar. Equally hilarious. Good thing we’ve got DVR, because I don’t know when those shows are on, either.
    .-= SoMi’s Nilsa’s last blog post… Privacy =-.

  3. I am a total loser. I don’t even know how to turn my tv on. It’s got all these remotes and buttons and whenever I want to watch something I have to call upstairs and make Gay Boyfriend come turn it on. And then I’m afraid to change the channel because I will mess it up. It’s just too much work. So I surf the internet instead.
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Things That Don’t Make Your Skin Fall Off =-.

  4. i only watched american idol last night because it was in boston, and it was kinda sorta cool to see them in quincy market but not too cool to see that nutjob dude sing womanizer.

    also, i like that purse too. see if you can get two?

  5. I caught the part where that entitled, useless, reinforced, airhead scrunt (the judge next to Victoria) trapped that one decent guy by asking why he was tense and then berating him for the answer he gave and insulted and got into a pissing match with him. Way to use your time on TV to class it up.
    .-= Christian’s last blog post… =-.

  6. You seriously need that purse sent to you by them because the thing is that you have millions of blog followers…millions right? There are FOUR people in this house who read your blog….well, I sort of read it to the kids and I tell my husband about it so technically I’m the only one who actually READS your blog, but we all count right? According to the census we all count……..

    Anyway, you should tell them about your blog and how you’ll blog how awesome that cute little bag is and how you’ll link up to photos that your husband takes of you carrying the bag that he posts on HIS blog and how millions of people visit his blog too (Again, my husband, my kids and I all look at the photos or at least they are all told about that blog)

    This is huge publicity for them!!
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… It Might Not Have Been A Good Idea…. =-.

  7. I’m totally the same way with the Tee Vee. That’s why I have the Hubs. I can just sit on the couch and ask him what do we watch on Wednesdays and he’ll tell me then I have to ask what channel number that is. When he’s out of town the tv doesn’t even go on.

  8. I have to admit, I LOVE TV. So much so that I actually went into TV rehab several years ago and quit it for a year (I still had the set, but didn’t get reception so only watched DVDs.)

    I got a job in television, and the enabler that he was, my boss told me I needed to know what the competition was putting on. So watching TV, I told myself, was my job!

    But what I discovered is that very few scripted shows can match the high drama, the human despair, and ultimately the uplifting comedy of America’s Next Top Model. If was on a desert island and could bring only one show to entertain me, it would be ANTM.

    Sidenote, how shiny was Posh’s face last night? It’s like she injected each individual pore with Vaseline before she went on!
    .-= Heather’s last blog post… Rule #7: Where There’s A Pill, There’s A Way =-.

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