This post is full of hotlinks and I don’t even care.

So the other night at work I Google Imaged myself just for the hell of it because it totally had to do with cataloging books and look what I found:

I like her outfit.


Crissy +  Spanky= Tru luv 4-eva.

And this one actually looks like it could be me because that bitch totally ganked my stunna shades, yo.

but it’s not really me.  I never went to space camp, probably.

This is not me either.

I’m like, 100% sure.

And OMG!  I found this which actually IS me (in a way).

Shout out to Ms. DINGO! Holla!

Domo arigato, Crissy roboto

Awwww…so sweet, but is that a BOY playing with the Crissy doll?


You guys knew I had my own doll, right?  Because I’m special and you’re not.

And I discovered I have my own Wikipedia page!!!

Suck it, Doosh!  I totally kill.

And today is a Toy With Me day.

Patience my pets, I’ll get you a link in just a few…

TWM POST IS UP: The Scent Of A Woman – Vulva Original

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  1. um.. the wikipedia thing is SCARY !! but you look good for being born in 1937. I googled myself one day and that is how I found your blog.

    Also, I am friends with another Christina on facebook, same last name, same spelling, same city. She likes girls. So in theory I could date myself. Nice.

  2. I can’t see half these pictures at work 🙁 But that gives me something to do tonight 🙂

    And I love that you’re a serial killer. I love real crime stories and legal thrillers. Perhaps you could write a book about yourself and they’ll make a movie and you’ll be so rich!! In jail, but rich! I’ll even be your lawyer for the appeals and the movie rights and stuff. I’ve done criminal defense and all….

  3. When I google search myself, a picture of your brother comes up.

    I don’t know what this means.

    Also, I read the Toy with Me post and all I can say is on Wednesdays I need to remember to visit your blog later in the day. When the brain is less mushy. I’m pretty sure that perfume or whatever that was is going to leave a lasting impression on my brain.
    .-= Melissa Lion’s last blog post… I Won! And Also Didn’t Win. =-.

  4. I just googled my name and it wasn’t anything exciting. The first thing that came up was photo of my husband and I. But some artist came up which made it more fun.
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… The Denver =-.

  5. Just got back from Google World. Aren’t you also a chiropractor who writes smart reviews for books on Amazon?

    I’m beginning to see that you truly are the queen of fucking everything. Either that, or you have a severe case of Multiple Personality Disorder.

    My choice is to believe you actually are an African American Chiropractor in thigh high stilettos with a boyfriend on the side named Spanky, who has a thing for your dolly, and you enjoy a good dose of serial killing whenever things get too boring in Smuckytown.

    Rage on, Your Majesty!

  6. I know that you feel the pressure to be all things to all people, but aren’t you spreading yourself a bit too thin? Oh, and stop with the tanning! You’re going to get skin cancer!
    .-= Dingo’s last blog post… And Then . . . =-.

  7. I’ve personally dealt with anxiety attacks my whole life. It started when I was just a kid and I’ve had to cope with them since then. I finally found a solution that has helped me get them done once and for all. I will tell you that it wasn’t quick or easy, but after a while I was able to finally get rid of them. I’ve finally got rid of them and its like I’ve started a new life not having panic attacks. I also saw a Dr. Oz special a few days ago, sometimes it isn’t a panic attack that is the root of the problem, I’d also recommend talking to your doctor. I wish you the best!

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