A Very Special Crissyspage Exclusive: Crissy’s lost it. What have you got left?

I thought that by this morning, I’d have some sort of inspiration for a post, but I don’t. I’m worn out, you guys  Having Christmas to pull of on top of all the other every day bullshit has me one flame thrower away from a blaze of glory at the Super Wal-Mart’s.  I’m serious.  I might do it.


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Also, I’ve always wanted to know where people come in on this one:

It's okay to pee in the shower

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  1. I once read that Madonna said she pees in the shower because it helps fight athletes foot fungus. Not that I live by Madonna’s words but just saying.

    It takes a great amount of superhuman power not to punch people in the face this time of year. There is not enough vodka in the world to erase the images of the random acts of human stupidity I’ve witnessed out and about at stores and in traffic this week.

  2. Skip the x-mas crap (except for the kid stuff). Let someone else deal with it. Send out e-mails now putting people on notice.

  3. I’ve heard the same thing about athletes’ foot and shower peeing. Not sure how true it is, but I’ve heard that too. Sometimes, though, you can’t help yourself. Like you’re 9000 months pregnant and the water is all warm and stuff just happens. Not that that has happened to me or anything. Plus, it does conserve water.

    I’m all for either cancelling or postponing Christmas this year too. Of course I just moved 2000 miles and have no idea where anything is in all the boxes so helpfully labelled “garage misc.”

  4. You know what kind of Jew I am? The kind who had to be reminded by a gentile that Friday was the start of Chanukah. Though, I never seem to forget which day of the month Christmas starts. Bad!
    .-= SoMi’s Nilsa’s last blog post… Monday =-.

  5. Man, who wouldn’t pee in the shower? It’s just about the only way that extreme laziness actually more environmentally friendly than the alternative!

    Every time I do it and think about the three gallons of water I’m saving, I think to myself: “TKOG, you’re only doing this because Al Gore wants you to pee in the shower.” Hot, right?
    .-= That Kind of Girl’s last blog post… TKOG Who hits you with her digits =-.

  6. i hate the holidays. People will tell you married couples will fight the most about finances, raising children, and crap like that… they’re WRONG. It’s the fucking holidays and how much wasted ass time you have to spend with your in-laws that causes the most strife.

    Can’t wait until December 26th.
    .-= Dolce’s last blog post… Rockin a Gaga =-.

  7. I hated Christmas until this year. I ordered everything online this year and my two year old is finally old enough to do stuff so now it is much more tolerable. Adults are the shitheads that ruin Christmas with all the gimme gimme poo.

    I have only peed in the shower twice. Once when I was kid and was so grossed out I didn’t do it again. The second was when I was super fat pregnant and figured if I tried to get out in a hurry I would fall and bust my ass and pee on myself anyway.

  8. I’m of Jewish heritage, so I typically watch movies all day on Christmas, but the reason that it makes me a danger to myself and others is that I’m an orchestra musician, and I have to play Christmas songs all damn December long. After the first few thousand times, they lose their appeal, and they lost that a long time ago for me. They’re just not that great, I’m sorry. So, I’m bored the whole time, and in a crappy mood, and I feel a lot better once January 1st has passed.
    .-= Helen’s last blog post… Red and Gold Fleurette Hair Clip or Brooch =-.

  9. I’m a shower pee-er. Only because I always seem to have to go right in the middle. Plus, I have the preggers…it’s damn near impossible to hold it for more than 5 minutes when you have to go every 30 seconds!

    Also, people are assholes during the holidays!

  10. Im a shower-peer, and I dont think I could stop. It worries me that I wont be able to when I find that special someone and we want to try the humpy-pumpy in the shower. :/

  11. I’m working every holiday day throughout Christmas this year. I want to say I’m not phased by it because it means I can easily dip out of festivities requiring me to be nice to people I don’t want to be nice to, but working is going to force me to be nice to people I don’t want to be nice to, and thus.. I want to punch a bitch.
    .-= CuppyCakes’s last blog post… Things To Do In December… =-.

  12. Peeing in the shower is awesome. It’s better when you have someone in the shower with you to pee on, though.

    It is also good for the environment if you pee out of the window, by the way.
    .-= stoogepie’s last blog post… Ninja Rape Gang =-.

  13. Peeing in the shower is like heaven. I do it all the time, hell I don’t pee on the walls just down the drain where the toilet water ends up anyways. True story! 1988, my buddy and me on a cross country road trip camped in some fucking nowhere place in Wyoming I think and in the morning after using a spring for water to brush our teeth and make coffee (heaven!) we found a nice little river to bathe and after washing up, we shit and peed in this river. Hey all the animals do it right so what’s the prob? Damn water was ice cold though. Happy peeing in the shower.
    .-= Dan’s last blog post… Why don’t we teach our children to drink responsibly =-.

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