I can’t even believe I’m telling people about this.

For all you Queefs and Queefettes who have not heard this story yet, go read about How I tried to sell my panties online.

You’re gonna shit!

For those of you who have heard the story, can you believe I’m telling it to the Toy With Mes?  I mean, maybe I should have just let it die, but if anyone will understand, it’s them.




(Valerie, there’s more about you in there this time.  You’re famous now. You’re welcome. The paparazzi is on their way, so put some lipstick on.)

In other news, the monkey flu rages on.  I have to go try not to die now.


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  1. Crissy, I’m pretty “liberal,” but your blog is something I usually just skip because it’s usually all about (the grossest parts of) you.

    Sex is a great part of life, but do you gotta gross us out all the time? Eeeew!

  2. Of course I can’t get to TWM at work. I mean – we wouldn’t want the eyes of the good doctor to be scorched by your panties, right? And if it’s the story I think it is, then MWAH!
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Feel The Love =-.

  3. I’m glad that you remembered this story to tell again…even after we tried to burn it out of our brains with wine! HAHAHA!

  4. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAsnortAHHHAHA oh my god that story is one of the best things i’ve ever read. i can TOTALLY see myself rationalizing sending a pair of underwear to someone RIIIIGHT up until the part where they started describing the “essence” OHMYGODNOOOOOOOOOODIIE. haaaa. heheheheheh.
    .-= Alice’s last blog post… my first vlog! featuring oliver the cat =-.

  5. That story cracked me the hell up the first time and now it had me rolling… that’s hilarious and I wonder if he ever replied or tried to make contact again? He didn’t seem to be too ashamed of being a panty sniffer…


    I don’t do that… never have… close, but not. sniffing. or. anything else.
    .-= PorkStar’s last blog post… An apology and holiday happenings. =-.

  6. I would sell my panties online if it would gain me a buck or two. I’d sell my bras too…..keep in mind both are not dainty and pretty. Granny panties are way more comfortable and my bras are over 10 years old………if they work, they work! Do I hear a dollar????
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Tiny and Fragile =-.

  7. Crissy, I don’t think you’re a moron at all for attempting to sell your undies on Craigslist. First, it’s pretty easy money. Next, it’s anonymous, and it could have remained anonymous, if you hadn’t been so grossed out by the guy….I mean, what are the chances that it would have been someone you knew? And you could have lied, and said that you grew up in some other country, or something! But I can’t blame you for being freaked out, I mean, I probably would have been horrified.
    .-= Helen’s last blog post… Black Flower Bobby Pin Pair =-.

  8. Albert Lewis seems to be overcompensating, if you know what I mean. Most dudes who like to lick crusty panties do that. I’ve done it myself. Lick crusty panties, I mean.

    Let’s face it: for the right price, you would all sell your used panties, and not the gently used ones, either. The yoga panties. You know the ones I mean.
    .-= stoogepie’s last blog post… Ninja Rape Gang =-.

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