Gobble, gobble, WHAT’S THAT SMELL?

Happy Thanksgiving Queefies!

A mouse died in the wall of my kitchen, so instead of smelling all those wonderful Thanksgivingy smells this year, we have the stench of decay.

It’s pretty festive around here, obviously.

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  1. OK, and you probably can’t blame poor Benny for not catching mice inside of walls! Try some nice eucalyptus leaves to mask and overpower the odor.

  2. Ewww…so gross. I hope it stops smelling soon! I went out of town Wed morning to get home Sun at midnight and find out that I left some sandwich meat on the counter. Ooops. Smelled awful, but at least I was able to throw it away. I’d have to have all the windows open until the place aired out if I were you.

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