This makes me angrier than it should, probably.

I know you already know this pisses me off to no end, but I saw it yesterday on the way to work and I just…I’m disgusted.

The EPC’s do it, I think, to remind us all how they are ladies of leisure and they want us to know they’re going right back to bed after they drop the mini EPCs off at school but WHY  DO PEOPLE THINK IT’S OKAY TO WEAR PAJAMAS AND BEDROOM SLIPPERS OUT TO THE GROCERY STORE AT THREE IN THE AFTERNOON???? (or any time for that matter)

Seriously. And then I was at the doctor’s the other day and this fucking hugely pregnant asshole walked in with messy hair, dirty old beat up HOMER SIMPSON slippers, and TWEETY BIRD pajamas that didn’t fit over her belly, which was hanging out of her shirt and she was sporting the big dark line and everything.  EW! I weep for her unborn child.  WEEP.

I can already see the kid drinking soda out of a baby bottle, but I won’t get started on that rant (today).


When did it become acceptable to do this?

I understand pajamas are comfortable, but really?  So are yoga pants.  So are sweat pants.  Wear a fucking Batman costume for all I care, but wear CLOTHING! One of my neighbors wears a sports jersey, sports themed pajama pants, and a baseball cap every. single. day.  That’s her uniform.  She has one Fancy Dress Up outfit consisting of a tie dye Grateful Dead tee shirt and black sweat pants with the elastic at the bottom.  I don’t think she has a job and she seems pretty proud of that because there’s no better way to advertise your uselessness than wearing your obviously slept in pajamas and slippers when you mix with the rest of productive society.

What scares me is in a few years, there will be another level of “comfort” that people insist on.

What’s the next level of comfort after pajamas, Queefies?




People are going to start going out naked and then I’m going to have to burn my eyes out with acid.

Who’s with me?

I don’t want to burn my eyes out with acid, you guys.

And before any one of you dirty birds (Mister) says that it will be wonderful when people start going out naked, let me remind you what most people look like.


You don’t want to see that.

So, what I propose is this:  every time we see some loser hanging around in pajamas and slippers out in public we punch them in the neck and throw shoes at them.

We have to stop this before it gets worse, because it will.

Mark my words!

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  1. man. I will occasionally wear my ugg boots down to the grocery store if it’s really late at night and no one is going to be around, and I did wear them to a doctors appointment once, but full jimmyjams in public in the middle of the day? Bit slack.
    .-= CuppyCakes’s last blog post… Remember Me? =-.

  2. i actually agree with you on this.

    the non-aesthetically-pleasing people will ruin all the opportunities to pop boners as we’re out and about.

    “oh look, there’s a fiiiiiiiiiine lookin’ milf over there bending over to get that bag of whole wheat flour from the bottom shelf of the supermarket aisle. imma gonna see if i can get a little better viewHOLYFUCKINGSHIT nooooooooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes” (as grandma with tits below her belt steps directly into line of sight.)

    epic frustration.
    .-= Crissy’s Pimp’s last blog post… one week to turkey day =-.

  3. I can’t fit any of my maternity pants anymore, so I wear yoga pants all the time. I freaked out all yesterday morning thinking I look like I’m wearing my pajamas all the time. I was assured by a friend that I just look like I’m wearing yoga pants, not pajamas. It was enough to make me feel better. Seeing this photo makes me feel a little better too:
    .-= chickenlips’s last blog post… sex tape scandal =-.

  4. The question I have is; are they limiting it to their own attire where you or are they letting their kids not bother to get dressed in the morning also? The school district here actually had to institute the great “PJ Ban of 2009”. We don’t have kids so the reason I know about this is a group of EPCs made a big enough fuss that the topic became local newspaper worthy. They complained that it infringes on the kids’ rights to express themselves with this “fashion statement”!! WTF? The superintendent fired back that its his responsibility to produce well educated and productive members of society. He would not allow the continued sending of the message that its OK to slack off in any capacity, including personal appearance.

    It just drives me bonkers.

  5. the only thing worse is to live in Florida, where the pajama pants and over-sized shirts are changed out for short-shorts and spaghetti strap tanks with 54GGGGG boobs (with 54GGGGGGGG asses to match). We are one stumble away from all Hell breaking loose.

  6. I have heard some other moms talking about driving their kids to school in PJ’s. I could never bring myself to do that even though our school has a carpool line. Knowing my luck the one day I did would be the one day I was a minute late and had to take her in the school.

  7. I don’t understand this phenomenon – but I do witness it daily at the store, and of course, at WalMart. Then again, my neighbor once told me she knew I was sick because it was the only time she’d seen me in sweat pants – and that was getting the mail. I can’t abide it either Crissy, and I think you should outlaw it, as Queen of FE.
    .-= Sam’s last blog post… The Tale of the Bitch Ass =-.

  8. I think it’s virtually unacceptable to wear pajamas out in public unless it’s ten o’clock at night and you have to run to the gas station for an emergency box of tampons or something.
    The other day my mom called me after baby yoga & wanted to meet for lunch. I met her, but I was MORTIFIED because I was in a pair of sweatpants. Simply motified.
    .-= Natballs’s last blog post… Strictly Jonah Updates =-.

  9. I admit, that I’ve worn pajama pants out. But after having showered, put on make up, and I wear them with sneakers and a clean shirt that matches. I do this on occasion, because god forbid someone besides me does some freakin’ laundry. Or god forbid, if they started the laundry, it gets dried. So I do that when I don’t have a choice. However, I would NEVER wear those outfits to work, to dinner, to anywhere other running errands that could not wait for me to do laundry.
    My biggest pet peeve right now is the really overweight girls that wear those really tight shirts so you can see every ounce of their stomachs. Or, the really wide girls that wear the itty bitty sweaters. Really??
    .-= RHz’s last blog post… Cuteness Overload =-.

  10. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone wearing pj’s in public, other than teenage girls and they all seem to be on crack these days with the muffin tops and all but when I had a daycare-er for my kids, she would rarely wear bras … and you know … the whole bending over thing and they weren’t pretty.

    and I would be right there with you and the acid in the eyeballs if nakid was the next phase. yiiiikkk

  11. Could we pick who gets to go nekkid? It would help tremendously. But here in Vegas, with all the ‘showgirls’ and wanabe models I think I might be in favor of that, and avert my eyes from the percentage that should stay home whether they wear clothes or not.
    .-= joeinvegas’s last blog post… E Friday – hair =-.

  12. Oh yeah. I could only imagine how worse it could get. Think of the guys with wife beaters…..what little they do cover would then be exposed…..eww. THEN their hairy backs and eeewweeeewww.
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Dollar Donation =-.

  13. When I was a kid (c. 1965 — if you want to know how people looked back then when they appeared in public, think Betty Draper) my Uncle Bill (who spent the winters in Florida) opined that nudity on public beaches should be mandatory because it would be imperative for people to stay fit and look good. Now, of course, we know that that didn’t work.

  14. I completely agree with you!! I don’t want to see anyone naked, ugh. Looking at myself is nausiating enough! I don’t want to see anyone here naked around where I live, because not only is it cold here most of the time, but the men and women are all really fat. I don’t have anything against fat people, it’s just that sometimes people shouldn’t be out in public in a swimsuit…but go high self esteem! We think it’s something in the water that makes people big. So I drink bottled water…and exercise every day. Also, the women here are HUGE…I mean, unhealthy huge…and they think they are Teh Shit. We call them the Fat Whidbey Wives.

    I wear sweatpants out only when I’m feeling really shitty and it’s getting late. Otherwise, I wear a pair of jeans, and those are comfortable! Come ON people!! And REALLY?! Those Juicy pants?? That makes me wanna stab my eyes out with chopsticks, ya know? Gahd damn.
    .-= Rose’s last blog post… Sexy Awesomeness, that’s me! =-.

  15. Things I learned from this post: people on the east coast are crappy dressers and I shouldn’t be nearly as stressed as I am about my clothing while I’m there.

    Also, I need to buy sports-themed jammies.
    .-= Melissa Lion’s last blog post… Tonight!!! =-.

  16. Soda…. lmfao.
    Also, I don’t know about all of you but in my area… I’ve got some sexy beastly men that would look pretty hott sportin the new “future fad” as you are mentioning in this blog post. 😀

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