Happy whatever day!

Hey Queefs!

Do you have the day off today?  Prolly if you’re reading this, you don’t because everyone knows people only read from work and if you have the day off because it’s national whatever day, Crissy can suck it.

I know how it works.  I’m a rainy day friend.  I’m okay with it.   (I guess.)

But for you sweet, wonderful, loyal Queefies, I have a special treat because  I’m over-sharing about my underpanties today.

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  1. do you have a Sexy Time Shop near you? we have this chain called “night dreams” around here that sells all your typical dildo / lube / etc needs, but also has sexytime clothing. and it’s, like, ALWAYS on sale. that’s where i pick up my stuff.
    .-= Alice’s last blog post… paintings of the pole: volume 2 =-.

  2. I chose to work today so I don’t have to be with Master, he is making me scream “fuck me slowly with a chain saw”. So, I thought I better go to work and be productive, or something like that

  3. What a riot. I never work…or do I work 24/7? You decide. I’m a stay at home mom……….I have one sick child today, and one healthy. They are both napping….coffee break?
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… My Son =-.

  4. I’m a stay at home mom type thing too. Had WAY too much crap happening…just clicking over now. It’s been a long day. Have a drink for me Crissy! It’ll be at least another year before I can do it myself…(Sigh)

  5. I should have read you yesterday from home, then I could have at least read your toywithme post but the a-holes i work for have it blocked like every other site on the internet.

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