The other day Crissy saw on the news that the American Girl doll people are now making a doll that’s homeless. And if you don’t know already, the American Girl dolls all come with a storybook telling about their lives and where they came from and this dolly’s daddy ran out on her and her mom and then her mom lost her job and now they live in her mom’s car.  Her name is Gwen, she only has ONE DRESS, and she cost $95!!!!!!!!!

Crissy wants to know why Gwen only has one dress.  Didn’t her mom think to pack a few things to keep in the car for her  before The Man threw them out of their home?  Crissy thinks Gwen’s mom isn’t very bright and also what asshole decided it would be a good idea to make a homeless doll to reflect the current economic atmosphere and then has the fucking nerve to charge $95 for it?

This is the most crazy ass retarded kick the homeless in the crotch and then spit down their necks thing Crissy has heard of in a long, long time because guess what?  None of the profits from the doll go to help the homeless.


Way to help out, American Doll people.  Let’s sell homeless dolls to overprivileged little white girls and keep all the profits!

Crissy is so very glad that Girlfriend does not know about the American Girl dolls yet and if any one of you tells her about them Crissy will kill you twice because A) Crissy does not have $95 to spend on a doll and B) Crissy does not have $30 to spend on an outfit for the doll. Crissy thinks twice before even spending $30 on an outfit for herself and C) Crissy refuses to participate in the American Girl stupid crap.

Thank goodness Girlfriend is more into trains and coloring books than dolls because if she wanted one of these silly things Crissy would have to say nofuckingway and it would be one of those toys Girlfriend always wanted but her mean  mommy wouldn’t get her and for Crissy, it was clogs. Crissy wanted clogs so badly it hurt and her mean mother who clearly didn’t love her wouldn’t let her have any. Also, Chinese shoes.


Horrible woman!

What did your mean mommy not let you have, Queefies?  Tell it to Crissy and we’ll all have a nice big hug and a good cry.