Reason number 876 for thinking Mister somehow caught The Gay.

Here he is trying on Crissy’s Gothic Lolita Halloween costume skirt which HE made after HE came up with the idea and went to the fabric store and bought all the stuff for it.  After he saw how much fun Crissy was having in it, he rolled up and bitch slapped her and took the skirt away! And he was all, “bitch, that’s my tutu!  You get your own!”




PS:He purchased his very own pair of skinny jeans so he won’t be borrowing Crissy’s anymore. There were fights, it wasn’t cute.

PPS: It’s time to go and vote for Crissy in the Blogger’s Choice Awards because it ends really soon and if Crissy loses she will blame you assholes.  Don’t get mad.  There are a lot of people who read Crissy’s blog and some of you are bound to be assholes.  It’s called statistics, Queefies, so don’t get mad at Crissy. Get mad at math and your parents for making you assholes.  And Crissy’s not talking about YOU lovely Queefs who voted for her and who will now get sluts and/or chocolates in heaven.  She’s talking about the people who come here every day and DO NOTHING.


and then get all your asshole friends to do it too.

PPPS: YES WE CAN! Obama said Crissy could use that for her campaign. (Crissy had to look up how to spell campaign) (Shut up.)

PPPPS: Since Mister is gay now, Crissy is looking for a new boyfriend.  Eligible candidates must be willing to get Crissy a new car and also turn the fucking heat on in Crissy’s house because it’s 53 degrees in Crissy’s bedroom and Homeslice is gonna turn into a frozen novelty baby treat.

PPPPPS: Crissy is sorry she called you assholes, assholes, but you kind of deserve it.

PPPPPPS: Crissy forgot to say (because Crissy is kind of an asshole) to VOTE FOR MISTER TOO!!! That way, Crissy and Mister can be a power couple, and as such will be pretty fucking unstoppable.  So what if Mister is having relations with his secret boyfriend?  Isn’t that what power couples do anyway?

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  1. Apparently I voted already. Guess that makes me not an asshole. 🙂

    And Mister looks awfully cute in your tutu. Not sure what that says about me, though.

  2. I think you’re right, Mister has The Gay.
    At least he looks good in all your clothes…right?
    Not that you don’t look good in them, you know what I mean. Only, now you two are going to be fighting over who gets to wear the titty shirts and short-shorts and that’s a bummer.
    Also, Mister ought to be careful in that skirt near the fire, he’ll go up in flames in an instant.

    So,will you be wearing Mister’s costume now?
    .-= chickenlips’s last blog post… lasagna and (vegan) peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies =-.

  3. IS that you laying on the floor after he knocked you down? Poor Crissy. Mister looks quite pleased in his creation. I just voted, so- yay for sluts and chocolate!

  4. hey, i had to make sure it draped properly! i was going to try it out without my pants on but dear wifey said “no.” as usual.

    deutlich–it would basically fit anybody. the waistband is highly stretchable elastic.

    to anyone interested, i offer plans for my “no-sew tutu” for the bargain price of $5.

    actually, go vote for my wife (who IS “hot” and IS a “mommy” and IS a “blogger“, unlike some of those other douchebags on the HMB list. i mean, really, how can you be considered “hot” if you blog anonymously and don’t even have a fucking picture of yourself on the web???) and i’ll tell you the secret for FREE.

  5. Seriously I am trying to vote for you, but they made me register and then they wouldn’t let me vote until I receive my official confirmation by email. I am jumping through hoops to vote for you-hoops I tell you. Mister-lovely choice of footwear with the tutu. Must go check for the “confirmation”.

  6. in my family- asshole is a term of endearment… as is shithead, assbag, and cocksucker…

    and as for Mister- I’ve been told that the penis police are looking for him… apparently it’s against the rules to confine the *ahem* boy bits in skinny jeans… it’s like, amnesty international for penises- they want to free the penises!!! 😛
    .-= Potty Mouth Mommy’s last blog post… There’s no such thing as “girlfriend aggro” =-.

  7. I’m sorry. Did you say Mister was dressed up in your costume? I must have missed that, because all I could focus on was that fire. That REAL fire in a REAL fireplace. I have fire envy. Sigh.
    .-= SoMi’s Nilsa’s last blog post… Anniversary =-.

  8. ok, so fill me in? how’d you make it w/out sewing anything??

    I’m going to be an Ice Queen for halloween.. any tips/tricks are wholly welcomed!
    .-= deutlich’s last blog post… Howdy =-.

  9. Chrissy?
    Not sure how I got to your site. I had left a comment to Potty-mouth. But I generally don’t get into cross dressing, sewing girls clothes or wearing skinny jeans.
    I meditate and try to discuss love, gratitude, happiness and a little Columbian Shit on the side (oops, that last part just slipped out, NEVER MIND, to quote Gilda Radner, a Saturday Night Life original cast member you may not have heard of in the 21st century)
    In any case, we somehow got connected. Think there’s a Cosmic reason for that?
    Nah. Me either.
    But who knows, maybe we could pick up something from each other (now stop saying the crabs; I got rid of them in Vietnam).
    Michael J

  10. Did I see people admitting they voted “last week” as in one time??? WTF??? Loyal queefs vote every damn day!!! Every day people!!!! You vote every day!!! Now go do it again and again….

    phew….I’m done preachin’ from my soap box!!!

  11. They made me register to vote! And it was a total pain in the ass, but you’re welcome. I was gonna vote for Mister, but I don’t know which blog is his. A clue here?

  12. Your pimp in that photo is dealing with a problem that has plagued men since the dawn of time: do you wear your shirt outside your tutu or do you tuck your shirt inside your tutu? Whatev. He looks hot.

    Since Girlfriend is laying on the floor next to a ruler and 2×4, I assume she is going to have a pretty sweet homebuilt costume, too.

    Yo, Rachel, Ken Gilbert is the Best Photography Blog. Vote for him!
    .-= stoogepie’s last blog post… CSI: Stoogetown =-.

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