The most wonderful day of the week (besides Friday)

Queefies, why are you here?

You go over here today you big sillies!  Crissy will tell you if your boyfriend is a vampire, or just an asshole.

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  1. I don’t see the new post either. Guess I just outed myself as a lurker. Been catching up on your posts…found the site through TWM after I clicked on a link Mommy Wants Vodka had posted a while back. You are amazing. Wish you were one of my neighbors! It would definitely make for a much more interesting time out here in Podunk.

  2. Damn! I woke up early for this shit!

    Okay, Pimp, suggest a topic. Otherwise, I will start to comment about men who inject their testicles with saline.

    Or ass smoothies. What’s your favorite flavor, Pimp?
    .-= stoogepie’s last blog post… CSI: Stoogetown =-.

  3. let’s see…

    it’s 9:20est, which is usually about the time they post.

    in the mean time, daisee, let’s talk about the strangest thing you’ve ever masturbated with.

    for me, it was my wife’s breast pump. (don’t tell her, though–she doesn’t know.)

    you got any stories about zucchini (very vegan), or candy canes (festive and spicy), or kielbasa (polish power), or washing machines (put a 5lb dumbbell alone in the drum, spin dry), or shower heads (waterpik strong pulsating massage)?

    god knows if i was a woman i’d be searching for stuitable objects. i’m curious how many of you have found something wonderful in an unexpected package?

  4. I wondered about the saline in testicles too. But for all my talk, I guess I’m still just a sheltered little girl. LOL

    If Pimp looks good in a bikini, I’ll kill myself too. Of course, I’m 27 weeks pregnant. I look good in nothing right now. But you know he will – he pulled off those skinny jeans way too well not to look good in a bikini. Perhaps he’s a tranny-in-training?

    And Pimp, I can’t honestly answer your question because my SIL reads this too. I don’t think we’d be able to look each other in the eye if we went there. I, do, however appreicate your creativity. But wouldn’t a 5 lb weight destroy the dryer? Is one night of fun worth the price of a new dryer? And do you eat the candy cane, zucchini, banana, kielbasa, etc. after you do the job? Do you use a condom to prevent the spread of germs from food to vag? So many questions…

  5. I’m here because that’s what I DO. Wake up. Stumble to computer. Find Crissy.

    And injecting anything into the testicles sounds unnecessary and painful to me. And I don’t even have them.
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… 300 Posts =-.

  6. One of the most interesting things I learned is that heroin addicts often inject into their nutsacks. No tracks. And if you’re trying to hide it – no one’s gonna look there. I heard someone in recovery say to a new guy, “Dude! When you start injecting heroin in your nutsack, give me a call. Until then, you’re just a big fucking wuss.”

    So there. Useless information from me today because I can’t get to TWM at work.
    .-= k8’s last blog post… My Holy Grail =-.

  7. I’m with you, Crissy. WTF. I guess you have to be a HARD core user to shoot crap in your balls. But you’re right about one thing, k8. No way in hell I”m checking for track marks there. How could you even find them in that wrinkly mess? LOL

  8. YAAAY…I loved the post…it is FUNNY.

    Besides…I LOOOVE ERIC. And sorry, babe, but I call dibbs. Seriously. He is fcking SEXY…besides Sam. Uuuhuhuhuhuhuh…those boys are enough to make your pants go all moist and shit.
    .-= Rose’s last blog post… TRIUMPHANT..sort of =-.

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