And the student becomes the teacher…

Who would win in a Smackdown?

Jillian Michaels, the sweaty whore?


Chalene Johnson from Turbo Jam?


Or Crissy?

American Gladiators

Crissy looks like a hooker in this picture, but she assures you she’s a killing machine.


A killing one.

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  1. you, totally.

    jillian cries at the drop of a hat.

    chalene is more of a worthy contender, but she’s just so fucking perky.

    you, on the other hand, look like you know your way around a pugil stick.

  2. I would have to agree with my fellow Queefs, that Crissy would take the other two out with one swing of the club. However, I would not mind being pinned on the mat by Crissy and that hot outfit along with Charlene and that f* me now and f* me later look that she has going on. Sorry Jillian you look too much like a dude.

  3. Need more info: will said smackdown take place in a weapons ladened octagon cage of death? or a blow up kiddy pool full of lime jell-O?

  4. Crissy wins, then Jillian, then blondie. Blondie looks too much like a flirt or a pansy to actually kick butt. However, Jillian scares me.

  5. Crissy plainly knows how to wield the giant double-sided dildo better than the other two, so she would win. Still, Chalene looks like she might be able to do some really sexy stuff with that dumbbells.

    @Crissy’s Pimp: The bikini top is photoshopped, so I’m seriously hoping the whole picture is.
    .-= stoogepie’s last blog post… CSI: Stoogetown =-.

  6. Crissy would win, definitely. I mean, even her BOOBS are muscular, hellOOO?

    Besides, the other two just look like they’re afraid that their tampon is gonna fall out. But, you know, you have that funky blood-catching-cup thing handy, you WOULDN’T be afraid of such a mishap, HUZZAH. Besides, that weird giant Q-tip could kick some ass, definitely. All you’re missing is a pair of handcuffs and some lube…use your imagination.
    .-= Rose’s last blog post… TRIUMPHANT..sort of =-.

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