The Aye-Aye. Quite possibly the scariest looking little fucker on the planet

Let Crissy ask you something, Queefies.

Is it just Crissy or does this thing scare the piss out of you?


Imagine that little fucker falling out of a tree at you! Crissy would lose her mind.

It’s called an Aye-Aye and it’s from Madagascar and look at his little hands!

That’s so not right!

The babies are sort of cute,

But baby things usually are cute.

Even baby gila monsters are kind of cute in a get that freaky looking thing the hell away from me sort of  way.

But Crissy thinks God is and always was a really big pot head, and when he created the Aye-Aye he must have been smoking some particularly good KB with um, St. Francis, and was all “Hahahahahahaha! Yo check this out, mang! Hahahahahahahaha! This is some fuckin’ sick shit right here! Folks gonna be all scared of this thing and like, run away from it and shit! Hahahahahaha!” And St. Francis was all “God, you know what? You one crazy muthafucka!”

And then they went to White Castle.

The end.

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  1. No, there is nothing cute about that baby!!! It looks like a bat with a birth defect that took away it’s wings. Nasty little thing needs to meet the backside of a tennis racket!!!

  2. OH MY HOLY JESUS. I’ve seen some pretty effed up shit in my time in animal welfare… but that is honestly the scariest looking thing I have ever seen. It wasn’t so bad until I saw the hand! oh man… nightmarrreeees!
    .-= CuppyCakes’s last blog post… Meeemoriiiiies. =-.

  3. What is up with its poor little wonky finger smack dab in the middle?? What is the purpose of that? How on earth did you even find this thing?? I love animals, but *retch* I am finding this thing tough to love.

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