OMG! WTF? Why is that chair following me?

So there Crissy was, minding her own business and sitting at the kitchen counter with Homeslice finally sleeping in her swing after a morning of being a big giant pain in the whatie when Crissy stood up from her chair and quickly started for the fridge for her 12pm diet coke emergency when THE FUCKING CHAIR SHE WAS IN FOLLOWED HER, CRASHED TO THE FLOOR, AND WOKE UP HOMESLICE!!!

What the shit?

And Crissy figured out what happened by using her extensive powers of deductive reasoning which you cannot possibly comprehend because they’re so, so, so, complex.

What happened, Queefies, is that while Crissy was sitting down, Girlfriend, who is obsessed with learning how to tie things up, was playing around behind Crissy and Crissy thought she was just drinking bleach or building a pipe bomb or something, but what she really did was tie the strings of the apron Crissy had on to protect her work outfit from baby puke to the chair and when Crissy got up, the chair followed her.

And when it crashed to the floor, it scared the crappypants off of poor Homeslice who was finally sleeping  so peacefully like a little lamb or a soft baby kitten or Crissy after a Xanax and a fifth of 151.

Crissy was not. pleased.

And she almost went ballistic on Girlfriend who was just sort of standing there looking rather satisfied and excited that her diabolical plan had worked and it reminded Crissy of the time her brother, the naughty little bastard, tied her mom’s sneaker laces together whilst she was napping and then went off to do evil. When Crissy’s mom got up, she fell into the door and came crashing through it, landing right on her noggin.

What Crissy is trying to say here Queefs is that you shouldn’t wear shoes while napping or an apron while sitting in a chair because you never know when some naughty little bastard is going to tie them together and cause big trouble for you.

The end.

PS: Who sleeps with their shoes on anyway (besides Crissy’s mom and Frankenstein. And…horses)?

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  1. How old is Girlfriend…4? I’ve got one of those (he likes to call himself Superman)…I wonder what would happen if you put two of them together? Oh Good God, my kids exhaust the hell out of me! And I just noticed, 5.34 am?!?! I just got another wave of exhaustion…why did no one warn us it would be like this? OK, I’m done now. Have a lovely day!

  2. I’m sorry, but this made me really laugh this morning. And I’m so verrrry tired this morning. I am also a little annoyed that of the five of us kids, I don’t remember any of us doing anything like this. How can that be possible? I mean, if monkeys randomly typing can produce the works of Shakespeare, surely 5 kids would have randomly tied something to something to make it crash.

  3. it is a cross between awesomeness and scary that Girlfriend has become obsessed by tying things up. I hope the Crissy’s do not live too near train tracks.

    I always found it difficult to really be mad at The Girl when she did something naughty that showed the Evil Genius budding within… And secretly cheered to myself when she did things like tell the Mom of a friend where she was spending the night (as Mom went ballistic about something) “You can’t yell at me like that, you’re not my Mom” (which stopped the Mom dead in her tracks). It’s a fine line, Crissy. I hope you all survive!
    .-= MsDarkstar’s last blog post… Self-Censorship has begun to annoy me… =-.

  4. She’s so wonderful, I can hardly stand it. Did you yell at her or congratulate her on her evil plan? I mean, you DO want to encourage this, right?
    .-= k8’s last blog post… Recapped =-.

  5. Something else I’m getting tired of in this country is all this stupid talk
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  6. I’m pretty sure that’s why they make you take off your shoes before doing yoga. Because if you accidentally let Girlfriend tie your shoes together before doing those kinds of poses … well, I’m pretty sure someone will die.
    .-= SoMi’s Nilsa’s last blog post… Plateau =-.

  7. I do love me some George. And you know, he does have a point. When people judge me with their judgy eyes when I order a glass of beer or wine in my preggers state, I just ignore it. One glass on occasion doesn’t equal fetal alcohol. If I had one glass every hour, maybe. But our moms all drank and smoked and inhaled lead paint and most of us turned out just okay.

  8. there IS an awful lot of “kid worship” that goes on.

    the thing is, it plays against your guilt over whether or not you’re a good parent. nobody wants to be a “bad parent.”

    however i feel that it sends a very dangerous message to the kids that they ARE the center of the world.

    i DO think that the best thing you can do for your kids is love your spouse, show THEM the affection and attention.

    i don’t need to give value to EVERY act of my child, even as she looks to me for approval. i don’t need to reward EVERY instance of good behavior.

    what i DO need to do is prepare them for the world, which is a place largely inhabited by people a lot less than smart, a lot less than honest, and a lot less than empathic… and i need to model good husband/father/friend/citizen behavior, in that order.

    the human race has survived dark times, times in which there wasn’t such a thing as child psychology. i daresay that the adults those children grew up to be were better adjusted to reality–and perhaps even HAPPIER, god forbid–than the majority of today’s kids will turn out.

  9. I think Pimp should run for President of Girlfriend’s school PTA! Also he should get some sexy time! And some fish tacos! Or is that the same thing?

  10. amen brutha Ken! I believe that kids are way over-rated…and while all kids may be “gifted” it may be in making bird nests out of shit. That may be their gift. Not too marketable…

    I will tell you though, with all due respect to George, that uniforms aren’t all bad–you wear the same clothes 2 days in a row and no one knows…and your entire school wardrobe is $100!

  11. George was right. I know parents who do all of their kids homework for them. What will they learn from that other than to make someone their bitch? Then I actually feel guilty for not doing the same and expecting my kids to do their own work. It’s insane.

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